Wednesday, 1 December 2010

World AIDS day

Hello fellow blog buddies! Well today is World Aids day, and I thought Id take the time to put a post out to remember all those people with HIV and AIDS. Today I put a status up on Facebook to remember all those who have died and are living with HIV. One of my friends replied also highlighting the stigma attached to having HIV, today someone lives in fear of telling those close to them, including their employees, for fear of judgement and discrimination.

Early diagnosis of this illness, with the right treatment, can mean a healthy life for people with this illness, its not the same as in the 1980's and the stigma, at least in this country is no where near as bad as what it was. It also brings to light the millions who die of inaccurate information and fear, if people are told that wearing a condom is a sin- even in this day and age, are they the ones to blame?

It is up to us all, and all of our responsibilities to to encourage equality for people living with HIV, having an illness, doesn't mean that you are of no use to society. Although it should be everybody's choice to keep a secret, they shouldn't be fearful of the consequences of not. So people wear your wear ribbons with pride, and speak for equality for all.

If you are around in Brighton on the 15th December, there is an exhibit for 100 artists for World AIDS Day at the Phoenix Gallery and help to raise money for the Terrance Higgins trust an AIDS charity who's goal is to improve sexual health- Maybe Ill see you there ;) Love to all. Luke

100 Artists for World Aids Day - Brighton 2010

Flyer for 100 artists for World aids day

Monday, 29 November 2010

Community Garden!!

Brilliant! We might just get a community garden!! This is good news! Why? because, it means learning for the community, the joy and fun of getting involved mucking in and getting our hands dirty!! The proposed site will be in Queens park, a fabulous place at the top of Hanover in Brighton. Currently we are going through all the checks, to make sure its all OK to go ahead, applying for grants, and getting excited in the process. It also means the possibility of marking off one more of my to do list!! Grow my own food, apart from it will be a few of us!! yeah!! its gonna be ace, fingers crossed for us that we get it!! People interested in the project, and wanting to get involved, in creating potential workshops, or just generally mucking in should email mei-wah,

Check out the pics:

Saturday, 27 November 2010

why I blog

Why did I start blogging? Well ever the one to ramble on, and loving writing my own stuff, and wanting to keep the world updated with my antics also. I decided to go for it, and make a blog. My blog has totally been a journey, Ive used it to review to post things up and also tread that fine line of hanging out my dirty washing in public... always a funny adventure, Ive used it to grow up, and also I hope to inspire others.

Things change though the same as people do, Ive been on and off 20 something bloggers, promoting my blog, but I love to know the feeling that people I know are reading my blog, it is a great feeling that. Yeah I might not be the most consistent blogger out there but I do love it. Its great random strangers reading my blog, but it must be quite boring if you don't know the person, and I know I want this blog to be about lots of things- not just one thing, although I'm sometimes not sure what threads it all together, that's me. Are we all not like that? The answers probably no and that is what makes the blogging community so brilliant and interesting, we are all so different.

I put a post up a few months ago on 20sb regarding why people stat blogging, there was such a varied response. It seems that there was alot of people just wanting to vent themselves and have a place to feel heard! Writing for me is so theraputic, theres no judgement you can just keep going, not worrying what the other person might think, but I also don't want to be just posting "my all" up here- Ill leave that for my diary!! (or should I call it verbal-diary-a)

Anyway, leave a comment or funny response should you be inclined to do so below, xxx

Thursday, 25 November 2010


What should we think as what we know and love falls around us?

fact: Our world is changing, the shit has finally hit the fan. In light of the recent protests across the UK, over well... everything! But being a student I can definitely understand more whats going on from that side of the dice. We are now going to be forced to pay excessive fees to go to to university, a rite that should not be denied to us. I wouldn't be able to go to university if it wasn't for the subsidise from the government, I mean really, I don't want to be in debt for the rest of my life.

We are paying for the debts of our past generations, proof that capitalism left uncapped isn't working, the fact that our whole banking system is just about had it, and the state has had to take control of it, a state that allows the likes of Vodaphone to get away with taxes (taxes that we all have to pay) and the bankers still getting their juicy bonuses, whilst the rest of us get dealt this??

What makes it worse is that we are led to believe this is a good thing, "its for the best" hummm I don't think so. By the time I'm ready to retire I'm not sure they'll even be such a thing, its all so very Orwellian!!

Soo what are the other options? Well we can either carry on the way we are, making more cuts and dragging this dead horse through the market, or we can actually start to see this for what it is, and change the system. Uncapped growth is crazy and its putting all our futures and future generations at stake both financially and environmentally. Its all very well making cuts, but were does it end, and who pays the price??

I was in Brighton yesterday for the student marches and I was abit worried, I even heard a Police man say that they were under prepared for the protest- really? I'm shocked!! I mean it was a publicised event, why were they not prepared? In London a Police van was hijacked, that was left unattended, the police never went to get it, again suspect. I believe our civil liberties are under threat at the moment, if Police can sort out football riots whats stopping them sorting this out? Ill leave you to figure that one out.. Protesters are beginning to be given a bad name, Ive lost count how many face book updates with people moaning about protesters, the news and media are also running riot with it at the moment. I hope people see that it is their right and they should stand up and say, enough is enough, this government needs to live up to their promises. Its why we voted (well not me exactly) them in the first place, and now, we are being lied and manipulated against.

So people, find your own voice, and shout, this is why we pay taxes, we don't pay this much tax to get dealt this hand. It is not what we deserve.

Please leave a comment below telling me your thoughts and views, even if it is aginst mine, Id love to hear from you!

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Im back!! The crazy fantastic time its been.... Although short it was certainly eventful...

My time started at 3am in the morning, me having to wake up to get my plane, thetrain was full of drunken louts, not something I wanted at that time in the morning I can tell you- but hey! To be fair I did do ALOT of waiting around and ALOT of traveling! But it was worth it. 10 hours later I arrived in Cordoba- a beautiful city in Analucia and the home of my friend Joel! We went for a lovely walk along the river had Morrocan spiced tea, and some lovely soup- curtoisy of Joel, had a fantastic afternoon all in all, meeting his flatmats and relaxing on the sunterrace (with his lovely dog too...awww)

I had to have a sleep too- we had a long night ahead of us!! I had a fantastico night!! We danced until the early hours- met loads of people. Exept when I left the club, minus my friend- whom I couldnt find, minus my coat, and my sobriety! OMG, i WAS SO DRUNK!! I couldnt ring my friend either and couldnt remember where he lived, in the end I ended up geting in a taxi and somehow thinking it would be a good idea to sleep in the train station... what was I thinking!>? OMG i WAS IN A PICKLE.. and considering I didn't have a coat either, I had to stay in cafes drinking expensive coffee and sleeping, how grim!! In the morning, I managed to buy a hoody, and catch a bus into the centre of Cordoba, find my friend (somehow I managed to remember where he lived!!) I gave him a good telling off for going missing nd leaving me I can tell you!

Needless to say it was all good in the end, we went to the Mesquita- a impressive mosque with a church in the middle- take that Osama!! Well on a serious note, to be fair it was abit weird! it was kind of like abit strange that they did it, I'm not religious, but I would recommend a trip just to see it, Cordoba historic centre is UNESCO world heritage site, so you kind of get the picture when I say, GO!!

I had to go back to Malaga though at 5pm, I somehow managed to loose my ticket, but Joel fort my battles and got me on the coach, I was soo tierd though I went straight to my room and to bed.. no going out, despite the opportunity for a pub crawl! The next morning I woke up, and found out that one of the guys from the pub crawl went missing and ended up in hospital after being beaten up in an allyway!! This could have been me, it really hit home, kind of how stupid and under prepared Id been on the whole trip, you cant rely on people to look after you people- you have to have back up plans!!

Hey though a lesson learned is better than being robbed huh? I loved Cordoba, despite the rain, I want to go back now.. maybe in the summer though... catch up soon xxx

Monday, 15 November 2010

Im sorry!!

Soo sorry for the lack of posts in the last week and a half- believe me Ive felt guilty everyday for it! What with my jetsetter life style its hard to keep up (he says with a tongue in cheek! Alls well here, am still settling into my new place. Ive been ill, went out and had a groovy time- check out my-single-self!! Im quite excited to be going to Cordoba on Friday- Omg- am I!!! Bonfire night was also brilliant! and Ive now found a Latin dance class at my gym- with possibly the hottest latin dancer ever- although I do need to go to my gym more!! Ive got loads to write about any way.. heres some photos of my current work for uni that Im doing at the moment.. they are entitled, "kitch dolls" Basically Im going to be performing a short film, with random craziness- It will only be a short film, but its a start huh? and it will be one to mark off my list too!! Leave a comment and tell me what you think, Im also changing the Interesting things at the top there so check it out! please feel free to leave a comment or tell me off for not writing anything!... xxxx

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween readers, its official tomorrow is November, the nights are getting shorter by the day.. This week has had me all over this country it has been amazing to visit Birmingham and see all my friends, today it is soo nice to be relaxing at home however, sometimes I just need time to myself, recharge, before I go charging off again.

Last night was White Night here in Brighton, an arts festival, with crazy visual happenings going on all round the city, I spent the majority of the night relaxing and catching up with friends down at >compARTment , an arts collective that have taken over derilict space in Brightons Open Market, and are all working together to make Brighton the ever fun place it is to live, the great thing about it though is that it had a really community feel to it, which I love and thrive upon,with Live music, an outdoor cinema space, food, wine, theatre, free screenprinting, glassmaking workshops and so much more. Brilliant.

I was working however the next day so I was on my best behavior I can promise you.. What did anyone else get upto?

Im also having abit of trouble with public transport of late... Im loosing tickets left right and centre (In Birmingham I lost my card and ended up having to buy another ticket- bummer)and today I even managed to get on the wrong train and end up at the airport.. which would have been funny was I not already late with my phone not waking me up.. technology.. who ever heard of an automaticaly updating phone for daylight saving?.. its just too advanced for me ;P and for that matter why do we even have daylight saving? Needless to say my supervisor, being much more dedicated to Waterstones than me was not pleased in the slightest, I felt so bad... but I also just wanted my bed. hehe

Anyway Im off to carve myself a pumpkin!! Happy halloween readers.. speak to you soon!!

Friday, 29 October 2010

127 HOURS - Full Length Official Trailer HD

This film looks amazing, I absolutely love Danny Boyle, and cant wait to see it!! Also James Franco is my new No1 hottie!! I love him in Eat pray Love too!!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

creative residency

Well its been a crazy few days, I've just got back from the puppet residency in Chatham near London where I've been since sunday, I've had a fantastic time literally in the old boat docks, surrounded by history. What I most enjoyed about it was everybody's ability to really work together. We saw the puppets grow from nothing in to something quite amazing, and I even had to leave early! By the end of tuesday, we had all achieved making the skeleton structure, were starting to create the skin and was really moving forward.
What was really hilarious about it all was the production line quality of it. We managed to make 5 puppets that really were starting to look brilliant. For people interested in this project please check out kinetica and same skys website and tell me what you think.
All of this is culminating for 2012 where our hub (one of 5) the environment will be hosting a festival called 12volts in sussex to encourage young people to the imaginatively about sustainability and the environment.
I can't wait to see the videos of them all moving and finished- and know that I was part of it all and helped make it happen! Big love to everyone involved and will post the pictures very soon for you all to have a look at! And I myself feel so grateful to be inspired in such an amazing and life changing project. Feel free to leave a comment Xx luke

Saturday, 23 October 2010

top 3 websites

3 websites that have changed my life!


I love receiving mail, but all I ever get is bank statements, this project of sending random postcards across the world, and receiving random postcards, has made my postbox extraordinarily happy!


Of course the Love me or hate me facebook site! Wow.. fancy being nosey? we all do.. this website is fantastic, upload all your photos, comment, and stay in touch, reconnect, and update each other, with friends that you may have thought were gone from your life forever.


Fantastic website that completely changed my year this year. It had me opening my front doors to strangers, for a free place to stay, and I in turn had a free place to stay whilst traveling this summer. I completely recommend this website for anyone with an open heart, and an open mind.

Whats your top 3?? remember it can be anything! Leave a comment below, and check these websites out!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Charlie.... you look like you have just seen a ghost...

Well I did it!! I went to see Charlie st. Cloud, with the heart throb that is- Zac Effron!! Wow, almost every screen was like an OGASAM for me- ESPECIALLY when he took his top off!! wow!! he is some hunk!! My friend who I was with didnt think too much of it, but I loved it- if you loved the series the Ghost whisperer (and possibly twilight fans too) you will love this film!! At one point in the film a couple even walked out!! and it was in this kind of like cupboard in the back rather than a big screen with a 5.40pm showing for the evening... well I think Zac deserves more than that!!- quite funny really though... Also the place where it is shot is absolutely beautiful! Beware though if you dont like cheesey movies steer clear- this one tops them all!!!

Last weekend was also a bit of a crazy one with my mom and her gang down from Birmingham, I showed them my new place and showed them the sights (well the local pubs) around here!! we also went to see some live music at a crazy Lovely place in the North Laine! All my friends were out in force too which was great, cuz atm I need a good ol' cheer up!! :) This week has been a chilled one, Ive catched up on sleep, and booked a ticket to go and see a friend in Andaucia,(Cordoba to be exact) which Im sooo excited for next month!! that is deffinetly going to be a good trip and one to mark off my list (see 20 things to do b4 Im 30).. well almost.. I still have to go and see my friend eli at some point in the fabulous Barcelona!! Obviously I miss both of them here in Brighton, but its great knowing you have lovely friends to visit in hot places...

Im also going to be volunteering next week to in London to help make a giant puppet- I cant wait for that one! Ill keep you posted with photos and gossip from the up and coming week!! well catch up soon.. Luke xx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

yoko loco?

I think I know what my next essay is going to be about- the lovely yoko ono! She is some woman! Here's a quote I liked from her-
Water talk-
You are water
I'm water
We're all water in different containers
Someday we'll evaporate together
But even after the water is gone
Well probably point to the containers and say,
"That's me there, that one"
We're container minders

In a word- genius!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Our views on sex..

As this blogs theme begins to get more apparent, in exposing honestly about my life, reflections, and opinions. Writing this blog has also been a tool for change in for reflecting on MY life, and I hope to inspire different ideas in others, even if you don't necessarily agree with what I have to say.

This is a post Ive been meaning to write for a while and now I feel ready to share my opinions on this subject. Becoming single again is weird enough, but we are constantly bombarded with sex everyday, its used to sell products, the clothes we wear, lifestyles, it influences our decisions all the time. Theres now an array of films, Sex and the city, Desperate house wives etc. that show that women also have sex drives too,(gasp) and have allowed our generation to speak about sex more openly and honestly, not just for men in pool halls and gym changing rooms. After reading Wetlands by Charlotte Roche earlier tis year, it really touched me and made me think about my views on sex sexuality and the things that I consider a taboo. But also essentially our primal nature and desire for sex.

Growing up going to a Catholic school I certainly know how it feels to be sexually repressed. It seems like for some of us, it is still such a taboo. Although we hear the S-word everywhere nowadays, I know I can sometimes feel crude talking about it.

The past few years for me has been a time when I can say I have been experimental in my sex life, being in a relationship sometimes does that for you and sharing and experimenting together with someone you trust can be so fulfilling. My views of sexuality are changing...

I was reading a post recently about the male menstruation cycle.. theres certain times of the mont when all you can think about and all you want to do is ave sex. Yes we can have sexually active lives, but where do we draw the line? I want an active sex life, but sex for me is more than just about a fuck, sure its great at the time, but I feel even greater when its more, because for me its about sharing something special and intimate with another.

The urge to control our sex drives can sometimes seem like an inner tug of war.. especially if you have a high sex drive. But we should all be more honest and talk about sex more, its part of our lives and something we think about all the time, shouldn't we be celebrating our sexuality?

I love earth religions like paganism, which acceptors and celebrates sexuality in all its forms. Alot of tribal cultures around the world celebrated sexuality and didn't she away from it, until Christianity came and told them they should be ashamed of there sexualities. I went a few years ago to the temples of the karmasutra in India- now that's a country that respects sex- anyone that can prolong sex for hours at a time certainly gets my hats off.

What are your taboos? Do you feel comfortable about talking about sex, or do you feel its just going too far? or have you recently read something to change your mind? Leave me a comment telling me your views on the subject below...
thanx xxx

Friday, 15 October 2010

Frieze.. put your hands in the air

Blogs away!!! I almost never got time to write this post what with my mom and friends coming down, lack of computer at my new house etc. But there we go..

Yesterday I went to the Frieze Art fair in London Regency park.. I was very very impressed. What I love about London is the sheer diversity of people here, different skin colours and tones from all over the world, faces, personalities, body's, and the fashion here, its all so diverse and so hard to label a "Londoner" because "Londoners" are international people. Now Frieze is a totally different kettle of fish, it makes art as big business, theres people here from all over the world, showcasing both international art and international galleries. Theres a huge sculpture park to see- for free!! but you have to pay to see the art within.

As someone who at this moment would consider myself an artist, but who doesn't really connect with that world, of art as big business, I still took alot out of it going, its £15 to get in and is open for the rest of the weekend, if you get a chance pop up and have a look... its definitely worth the trouble. You will get to feel, whats "Hot" in Fine Art at the moment, and spend an few hours doing something you love.. heres some pics from my travels:

The Art walks around

Modern Art is Rubbish- and also burbs and moves..

Fags for nothing

I am the egg man

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The 20 something bucket list

Hi! My move went well, Although I'm currently sleeping on a blowup mattress that when I wake up I seem to be lying on the floor... lets just say its not a very good 1 ey? I just went to the gym and did my first Hip Hop dance class too!! It was soo good, even if the moves were little fast for me to keep up with.

Also, its time to CELLLLEBRATTTE CELEBRATING THE FACT Ive actually past the 100 post mark, what does this mean??? does this mean Im a "serious blogger?? errr maybe...

Well after looking at website a website for 20 something bloggers, people are always posting crazy tasks for each other.. one of which was 20 things to do before Im 30.. sooo here I go..

1- Go on a poetry course and start writing

2- Learn a language

3- Volunteer at an animal sanctuary

4- Study further after my course to become an Art Therapist

5- Go back to New york

6- Travel around America, taking in...
.The Grand Canyon
.The Mardi Gras in New Orleans
.See traditional blues in the Deep south

7-Tour Southern Africa and trek Kilimanjaro

8- Visit Australia and see my friends

9- Exhibit my work at a gallery

10- Buy a caravan and live in it

11- Make a film

12- Go on an activist training course with Greenpeace

13- Own a dog

14- Grow my own food

15- Visit the Edinburgh fringe festival

16- See Finland in the snow, including the northern lights

17- Volunteer for the Samaritans

18- Visit Canada and see Natalie

19- Visit Spain and visit my friends there

20- Create a website for my art.

I will make a separate page for these too, and endeavour to make them happen... I love having ambitions for things... even if they don't always happen....

If you have made a similar list or feel inspired to do so.. leave a comment or a link to your page below....

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

3 things

I'm moving today. currently I'm sitting on the floor on my lap top with boxes lying around me waiting for help to arrive and take me to my new house. Although its excited, it seems that this time has been abit of a build up, a road that hasn't been exactly easy.

I absolutely love change but I also tend to avoid those big life changing decisions until I have no other choice but to do them. When faced with huge change it seems that there is also the potential for new growth, spiritually, and mentally, that I for one am not ashamed to admit I'm afraid of. A friend of mine has a theory of pebble rock boulder, that life has a way of guiding you, and giving you hints along the way, some hints don't go away, turn into rocks ie. big hints and eventually turn into boulders, where you have no choice, to in my case move.

Im afraid because...
1* Financially its going to cost me more money.
2* Im scared of the change of my life, my life becoming unpredictable
3* Being single

...well I hope this is normal anyway, surely we've all went through big changes at some stage?

Leave a comment telling me when you was faced with a big life changing decision you had to make below........

Monday, 11 October 2010

Charlie St. Cloud Official Trailer (HD) - Zac Efron

Eat, pray, love

Yesterday I went to see the resent "Eat, Pray, Love" I was hoping on going with someone other than myself, but it seemed that people were otherwise engaged so I was destined to go on my own. A few things to note before you watch this movie...

* Not everyone will like this movie.. why.. some people may feel it abit sappy, a girl trying to "find" herself after a divorce
* You may want to go traveling after seeing this movie
* This film will have you laughing, crying and feeling uplifted, its one of those like slum dog millionaire that even though at times is sad, you can still leave feeling happy.

Julia Roberts the star of the show, of course the epitome of the stereotypical fiercely independent strong American woman. She stars as Liz Gilbert, adapted from the memoir the book of the same title. The film sees her and her traveling around the globe after realising her year long marriage that she thought she wanted.. actually isn't what she wants anymore.. She jets off to Rome.. for the food... India to find God at an Ashram...and Bali where she finds Love.

Being someone that's definitely into self betterment in a big way, having went through my own sort of "wake up call" at 19, and seeing that the world really is more than what we think... that for the most part WE are the creators. I loved and connected with the message of Liz going on her quest to find herself. Plus given the cast of Hot male characters.. and the fact that its cheesy.. but not overly so, it was always going to be a winner in my eyes.

I also Loved the strong Feminist thread rolling through the film, that it is OK for a woman to be single and happy, and that she doesn't need a relationship to be happy.

Yeah of course I'm biased though because its my type of film.. has anyone been to see it that didn't like it or was pleasantly surprised? leave a comment below....

Talking of babes check out the new trailer for Charlie st. Cloud... Zac Effron, what a hunk!! mmm well that's one I'm looking forward to...

Saturday, 9 October 2010

desision desisions!!

Ow yeah!!! Here I go again!! a week since my last post now, and a very mixed week at that. At the moment me and Neil are no longer together. After alot of talking and alot of deciding. I think its best to look after myself. so Im moving!! This week I wont lie, has been a tuffy!! loads of things on my mind, but I have been unhappy for a while, and I dont want to stay in a situation like that anymore!! We are still going to be top top friends though, and he is a great guy- but it just doesn't work on a relationship level..

Soo Ive been looking at a place for a while, and Ive finally found a lovely room sharing with a friend of a friend called Helen, shes lovely and crafty (likes making things) like me!! sooo no doubt we'll be avoiding the needles lodged in the carpets and picking cupcake crumbs off the floors constantly!! yey!! and the fact its 2 minutes from my old place and got loads of botiquey type shops aswel as being 2 minutes from the beach!!! :)

My friend Carise has been down from Sheffield too, and it has actually been nice weather down here atm, soo we had fish and chips on the beach, which was amazing!! We met at Glastonbury festival this year and She is such an amazing Friend. Definitely like we have always known each other or something!!

Ive also been hard at work, after having a major bitch fit early this week, over the thought I wasn't doing enough work. Now I'm on it and ready to go!! :) Ive just been making Santa's all this week- Ive just made one stuck up the chimney!! achoooo!! they are getting better too which is good, considering my sewing is quite basic!! :) anyway, speak to you all soon blog buddies, Luke xxx

Sunday, 3 October 2010


Cool!! Sorry to be so cheesy but hello blog buddies! Im here today after only leaving the house once, from my day filled with Art and Film watching. My project at the moment for college has meant me making Kitch dolls. Im really enjoying this feat!! Ive made 3 soo far. But I have been very busy this week with lots of different things going on. The guilt has finnally meant me staying in for a whole day and working hard, Im now determind not to loose balance again and to keep on track with things.

Well Sheffield was lovely, at the moment though England is exceptionally rainy which meant it was kind of a wash out! I saw some amazing sculpture though and brought some cool dvds... finnally brought Avatar... how good is that film? Ive brought Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and Waynes world!! Which are all ace films!! I want to Build my DVD colection up with some really worthy DVDs!! I Love film!! and I want to make time for them!! O and recently I also brought MORE Ali Mc Beal!! Whom I love!! Claista Flockheart!! She is soo funny!! I know its an old series, but Ive recently rekindled my love for it!! and I want more!! So your likely to find me curled up in a ball of paper mache watching TV for the next month!! :)

Ive got lots on my mind lately with home life, I will be moving soon I hope. Im really excited for the change in the spinning wheel of life, that seems to be ever turning, whether we like it or not. Ive been avoiding this for a long time, but its finally time to accept a new phase of my life!

Gosh time seems to be flying by aswell, Octobers just begun, and before long it will be Novemeber... it seems soo wierd!! Im so greatful this year has been so amazing though and Ive had soo much fun! Anyway, hope you are all enjoying yourselves?

Ive also made some changes to my blog and added a few new pages, Feel free to check them out to and leave a comment..

Ciao!! xx

Friday, 1 October 2010

have you ever done it with a girl?

"Have you ever been with a girl?" Is a Question I'm often asked by my female friends, and Yes I have been with girls and had girl friends until I was 19 but excuse me once you've had cock there's no going back! ;-) I suppose its just natural innocent curiosity and nothing more, but its a question that annoys me. When I say yes I then tell them that no I don't think I would go there again. I think you can never be sure thou, sexuality is such a complex and dynamic thing that we are still soo afraid of and place soo much of our identity- money- and time trying to concrete

I think its funny though how we are curious to what makes these apparent "decisions" its not like I ever woke up and thought, "I know- a really good idea- I'm going to be gay" can't we all just accept people as they come? Yeah I'm gay and I don't continually ask all my straight friends if they would sleep with the same sex. Or maybe.. I should, ruffle them up abit!! Mmm give me ideas.... :-)

Leave a comment on the fun and weird or annoying questions you've been asked lately..

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Winters Bone

Its officially past my bed time.. but I can't sleep!! Im way too hyper, cuz just befor I went to bed I did the unthinkable and drank a sugarific drink.. and now Im on sugars floating candy cloud... ahhh! which of course will be ok, until I have to get up tommorrow. Ive had a good few days, and managed to calm down a few notches, to fit some "ME" time in... I did some yoga today which deffo chilled me out, Im hoping to start the gym soon, and commit to going and getting fit, and back in shape.

Yesterday me and Neil actually did get together... at last! It seems like we havnt really had any time together since Ive been back for one reason or another. We went to see Winters Bone!! Wow, that film was deep. Set in Missouri, its a story of girl and her determination to find her missing dad, in time before she and her family are kicked out of their home by the law. This film is beautiful.. now I dont care what Neil was saying about Missouri being like hell, I thought it looked amazing!! I actually would love to go!! all those woods and the lovely country music!! yeah.. ok Im being idealistic.. and I would probably be killed within the first day of being there ;-) This film though has loads of drug overtones, with village secrets, and the girls determination to feed her family is amazing. This isnt like a typical american film-- for those of you who liked "Precious" and enjoyed it I would say "go see it!!".

Tommorrow Im going to be helping out on the greenpeace stall which will be cool, and Ill also be doing more art aswell!! At some point Im also going to reinvent my blog also.. something Ive been meaning to do for a while.. I need a space for my art and for street art.. also I need to start writing it more.. sorry guys for being so inconsistent!! Hope you enjoy it anyway.. Leave a comment Below xxx thanx xxx

Friday, 24 September 2010

Scott pilgrim vs. the world

Hubba Hubba!!

Hello Hello! Hope youre all fine and dandy! Well Autumn definitely seems to be drawing in, its making me feel quite cosy, I love the need for jumpers around this time of year, and of course we need new clothes so a good excuse to reinvent yourself too. :) Yesterday was an amazing full moon and the start of the Harvest festival, also being a more preferred time to retreat to the local picture house to see SCOTT PILGRIM!!

Theres quite a few good films out at the moment, Winters Bone, Cyrus, and awaiting the new harry, but I wanted to go and see Scott Pilgrim for a while! The absolute geek god of film Micheal Cera, living with his gay best Friend and sharing the same bed- for me alone was deffo a thumbs up-haha. After watching Kick Ass Earlier this year, and being disappointed with it THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN!! I mean in my eyes any film with Nicolas cage in it sort of makes me frown.... and that hit girl was just too violent for its target market! This film, was an entirely entertaining flick for the mass market! I certainly couldn't find an fault in it. If you wanna laugh and see good looking people beat the hell out of each other.. this is the movie for you!

I'm off to London again today to see the Edvard Muybrige exhibit at the Tate, very exciting, this guy practically invented film. Ill also see one of my best friends who has just recently moved there! Theres also soo much going on in Brighton its not true, got events coming out of my ears! Ive booked tickets to see The Mystery Jets in October, going to Sheffield (setting of the film full monty) next Thursday too to party- it all systems go! I must find time to study I must find time to study! Anyway, Has anyone seen any good films lately? anything new to report? Thanks for reading will right soon,
Luke x

Friday, 17 September 2010

Cornwall, Cornwall O Cornish wool....

What a whirl wind of a week, just a few hours left and Ill be off now, all though I really am sorry to go. Since my last update Ive been whizzing up and down the Cornish coast, waving with my queen like wave out of the local buses. Ive been to Boscastle, where Ive explored the local crystal shops, and its witchy heritage, to Tintagel soaking up Historical King Arthur country, and somehow managing to buy 3 pairs of clothes for £4.50- bargain!! Ive been to Penzance probably the largest town around here, with a hugely interesting smuggling past, and of course the Jamaica Inn, the setting of a hugely famous book, also with a dark smuggling and piraty past... ARRR!!

Ive also been hugely inspired whilst being here, as the arts week is on at the moment, Ive had the chance to rub shoulders and really chat with the local artists, some of which are known internationally!! The open studios here in September, means you can really get a taste for what it is like for an artist down here. Imagine having a studio on the beach? with fantastic pubs, food and live music all around you? well this is there reality every day!!

I went to the st. Ives Tate gallery, which I thought was great, I saw Lily van de Stokker, huge childlike florescent murals spanned the walls of the gallery with swirly handwriting expressing, " we are all going to sleep in our pajamas", and " a nice new winter coat" truley cute. There was also the grid exhibit, where I saw a Jackson Pollock... wow, what an experience... seeing that thing blew me away. I'm also a majorly huge fan of Barbara Hepworth and went to the Museum and garden. Brilliant!! Some of the sculptures you can even walk on, and it was beautiful to have a Cornish pasty afterwards... Im so going to need a diet after this!!

A busy week for me and an equally busy week for controversy too...
The Expulsion of the Roma gypsies from Paris anyone? Increasingly marginalised in France, and infact the rest of Europe, droves of the Romany gypsies are being evicted from Paris, and denied help from the authorities. Despite defying EU regulations. Whilst it is a hugely complex issue, after visiting Berlin and seeing the damage dine the first time around, you think we would have learned a thing or two. It certainly does start to conjure up images of the Holocaust, and they certainly fared badly then too. Although people are stepping up about it.. namely the pope, who has problems of his own at the moment.

Closer to home, its the popes visit, and its all systems over here. After a Facebook (our modern god) campaign against the popes visit and spending of public money he arrived to protesters, who according to the daily mail were really only "Marginal". Which does make me laugh considering, most of my friends and the people I know think exactly the same thing, with several books on the subject of child abuse in the catholic church in bookshops.. I mean really.. and to top things off, the popes aide has dropped out his visit, after making a comment that sometimes visiting England was like visiting a third world country.. well that's simple, just don't come then.

Love to here from you all leave a comment... xxx

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Remember when I was perfect?
Not in this life or the last,
Even the one before that,
Before I was made a man,
Before stone and water made sand,
Lifes complexities it seems drag me down,
Somehow chip away at us all...eventually,
Squashed and wedged between an old ladies handbag
And a school satchel,
The real me,
Beneath this outershell you'll see,
Cuz I'm more than this,
And more than what's happened to me,
Beneath it all my soul still floats,
Through space just like it always has
And always ever will
Waiting like an ancient dinosaur bone
For you to dig me up

Monday, 13 September 2010

st. Ives

After a 9 hour trip I'm finally here in st. Ives. I'm here till Friday, when I go back to Brighton for a few days before I start my Uni again... its Lucky, my student loan has lasted the perfect amount of time... I'm just about out of money now.. and need more.

Ive been so busy in the last week. But as anyone who knows me well, I can never sit down long enough for dust to settle on my shoulders.

Since being back Ive hosted a English tea party for the Brighton couch surfing community, it was actually quite a success, most people came with something home made, lots of nice scones, salads, and of course good company.

Ive also managed to fit in some art of my own, its good to be back, I was really getting anxious to finish one piece of my work before I start college! I also went up to London and saw an amazing exhibit called Surreal house, at the Barbican art gallery check out the link below:
also worth a look is the slide show of pictures showing all the different pieces of art at the exhibit.

Highlights included seeing Salvador Dali paintings, Marcel Duchamp , Alberto Giacometti , René Magritte , Man Ray , and Joseph Cornell it really was a sight to behold. The exhibit was all about the home, and of course surrealism, we also got to see some kind of puppet/ shadow play from an artist who I thought was hilarious, as she spoke about her life, while also taking a mould of her vagina!! well, that's one way to shock an audience I suppose. I also thought it was brilliant how they included so much video and film into the exhibit! It truly was an inspiring event!!

I'm looking forward to going up to London soon though to see exhibits from both Muybridge, and Guguin, it seems there is soo much going on, almost too much to keep up with sometimes, living so close to London.

Anyway, I have a busy few days here, its the arts fair at the moment, so there is SO many people and artists here. I'm going to have loads of fun I can tell. But I will be sure to update you on my travels and things what Ive been doing,

ciao for now,
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Wednesday, 8 September 2010


arghhh! Im so pissed at my self, as Ive just deleted all my pics from my holiday which is like the most annoying thing to happen to me write now, my stupid blackberry deleted all my numbers and the majority of my pics from holiday!! darn technology, BURN IT BURN IT ALLL!!!

Weellll end of Carrie moment!! currently I am baking cupcakes for a couch surfing meetup, and I have also made a trifile... which Im not sure I trust.. its lucking suspiciously lumpy... well.. I think with custard you really just need to buy it in a tin.. and not risk making it instant.. trust me lumpy burnt custard is a nono!!

Im also really looking forward to going away ( I know- again? you sigh ) but it was soo cheap and just befor I go back to college too!! (thats when the hard work starts.... Im going to st. Ives in Cornwall, and Im soo excited for it!! I think this holiday is going to rock!! xxpeace

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

growing old discracefully

Getting older... hummm... Well recently I have been struck with this idea.. my body's changing.. lets be honest I'm no old duck but I'm no spring chicken anymore either. 26 years of age this year, and man I'm starting to feel like an adult. My friends are growing up around me, popping out kids, and finding families of there own.

Hey its not like I mind getting older, the way I see it its kind of like starting a new chapter of a really cool book, I feel like the adventures just getting started. Allot of famous peoples lives finish at the age of 27, and many people see this as kind of something of a mile stone. I definitely see it as that its kind of like a time in my life when my life is kind of falling into place. Throughout my life, Ive constantly saw how life "should" be lived and tried to obtain it. Even in minority groups like being Gay you get the perfect gay lifestyle seemingly forced down your throat.

Getting older definitely isn't projected by the media as a good thing, in so many ancient cultures of the world it was, maybe we have lost that? I see getting older, as learning new things, taking new chances, and also slowing down abit, looking on how far you have come through life, and enjoying your life with the people around me.

We cant take anything with us right? so why not live it to the full. Age is a magical thing that people shouldn't fear, when you see each day as a new adventure. So I know personally I aim to slam down those stereotypes that are so often forces down our throat, how we should look etc. and grow old disgracefully :)

please leave a comment Id love to hear your views on the subject..
cheers, Luke x

Saturday, 4 September 2010

and Im back

Hey there!! Ive literally just got back had a bath and unpacked! Wow so brighton.. Im currently sitting just off st. James street with some drug/ alcholic shouting outside my window, its like, o welcome home luke!

almost 20 hours on a coach from Berlin has deffo worn me out, but Im sure after some home cooked grub curtosy of Neil Ill be feeling fighting fit in no time.

Wow so the news has anyone seen what happend to Tony Blair at a booksigning in Dublin? I wouldn't have been someone on the other side throwing my heels at him ;) although the war in Iraq and Afganistan was something that has deffo stired up alot of shit, he has done alot for this country and for the stability in Ireland, yes I would have been there protesting, as I compleately disagree with our motives for being there in the first place, and the danger we have put people in. Not including the facts that we didnt have evidence of Nuclear weapons.

After my trip through Europe, I have really seen the scars left by Humans, on peoples lives.. and the shit that people have been dragged threw, wow, I hope we have learned. Although I feel we have gone forward in many ways in some ways I think we actually want to stir things up for ourselves, it seems the world had alot to learn.

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Friday, 3 September 2010

on the road

Well here I am in Berlin about a week since my last post.. I know Im bad.. I need to be told.. It certainly hasnt been uneventful.

It absolutely rained without mercy in Lithuania, but it stop me going out with my shitty old shoes on.. why the hell I went traveling with shoes that were falling apart I will never know... and now I have a cold.. great! o well, I had a great time there, it was deffo one of the many highlights for me in my trip.

Although when I get there I couldnt find a room at like 6am so that wasnt too clever... I must book!! hahah! What an amang place it is good ol' Vilnius. Graffiti, loads of art, good food, parties. I kind of just explored the city myself, and got amazing views over the city.. mm soo cool. I also went out with some lovely couchsurfers and fellow travelers, they were all soo nice. I enjoyed some brilliant live music and a good many laughs!
The next day was rain again... and soo I we to a castle.. as yo do...
But it was well interesting though I wen to Trakai, a beautiful island castle on a equally beautiful lake. I spent a brilliant day there!

The next stop was Warsaw Poland, This is when this stupid cold started.
Some of you may know Warsaw was devestaed during ww2. I wasn really expecting much in the way of seeing much old stuff. However the old town looks great, they have reconstructed it, and it looks really nice. It was really interesting though hering the history of Warsaw though, what the warsaw people have been through, wow.. alot.. I was only there from 6.30am until 4pm soo I never really seen alot.. and I was exhausted,, but I figure what I saw was quite good, hey I was impressed. I must come back to poland though.

Then it was onto Berlin, I stayed at an absolutely amazing hostel, it really is brilliant, check out the Circus hostel if you get a chance to go to Berlin.

My first day here I had absolutely no clean clothes so it was washing and to change money etc. I went on a free tour of the Eastside of Germany, meeting lovely fellow travelers, seeing brilliant street art and taking it all in. Its truley why I came to Berlin, to see that, Ive taken soo many pics of the wall that I will and must get organised on my flicker account with as soon as I get back.

I also got the chance the next day to go to Potsdam for a trip out of the city. I saw a KGB prison, why have I came on holiday to see prisons again? The history and the things that the Soviet machine put people through though was truley brutal.

Potsdam itself was brilliant though, I had such a good time there, I saw a palace, eat really good Thai food. It was soo different to Berlin though. It I felt was alot more European and still retained that regal feeling with the huge palace! Honestly I thought I would be walking forever in that thing.

Yesterday I went to Check point charlie and seen The Kaiser wilhiem Church, Brandenburggate and the Jewish memorial... That was certainly a busy day... and my last full day infact soo I had to see it all right. The most amazing thing I saw was the Jewish memorial though. Row and row of square stones on uneven ground, with a museum doccumenting the lives of European Jews devestated by the 2nd world war.
Truley Im glad that its there becase it serves as a reminder to people that we cant go though that again.. how evil human beings can be.

Today I havnt done much other than feel like shit.. still got this stinkin cold..
but Ive had a great time here in Berlin...
Although I am quite excite to get back to Brighton...
Its really a place tocome fo those facinated in the history of Europe, a brilliant place with many faces.

What a fantastic trip, and now Im exhausted.. Ive done so mmuch and got soo much out of it. Now ts back to reality and to put what I have learned into action.

caio xxx

Saturday, 28 August 2010


Patari Prison
This poem wrote in a old soviet prison in Estonia
it provoked such strong feelings in me that I had to write straight away!
Please leave a comment and tell me what you think

Tricks playing with your mind
its so scary when you walk along a barren hall
you think hear a noise
go, run down the halls,
up and down stairs
now your scared
too many movies I fear
but this overgrown hell hole
barren and dead
has taken lives and imprisoned in its chambers
the thoughts of the abuse
suffering and regret seep out the walls here
the dead want to speak to you
to hear their sorry point of view
cuz their scared too

Friday, 27 August 2010

contrasting city

Well first and formost Id like to say congratulations... to me!! cuz Im the winner of the notepad and stationary!! haha!! well nobody entered the competition so I get it.. hope if I do another comp in the future people will enter though, seriously.

Well my time in Tallinn has drew to a close, Ive had a great time here, such a city of polarities, that not everyone I feel will see when they come here.

On one hand of the city you have the lovely old town, very quaint and beautiful, contrasting wih the soviet past with block buildings and crumbling old wooden houses.

Today I went to a old prison... a bit of a shit hole let me tell you. It only closed in 2005 and is a really scary place. It had a place were they hanged people, a Operation room, cells etc. Now Ive been to Alcatraz and that doesn't have a patch on it. I would hate to be stuck in that place. Talk about residue energies. That place gave me the creeps, I wrote a poem too which I will post later.

Also I went to an old Russian crazy flea market and went on a free tour of the city.. found out loads of really interesting history from my guide!! wow, after coming from Finland, a place with a fairly recent history this place is steeped in the stuff!!

In a word:Come

But be prepared to see things in a very different way.

Well I'm off again tonight to Vilnius the capital of Lithuania... so exciting*!!

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Goodbye Finland?

A whizz around finland, and then Im gone. Wow what an amazing trip... so far... and it went by so quickly.

Ive farmed.. abit.. tried my best to keep up with the partying locals., Laughed alot, met loads of new frieds, experienced a whole new culture, cities, countryside, lakes, beaches, excellent views, food, and some of the best hospitality Ive ever experienced off total strangers.

Today Ive been to Saumenlinna- Finlands very own island fortress for my last day in this beautiful country. Dispite the (torrential) rain I have had a fantastic time. I got the chance to climb aboard one of Finlands only Submarines, and experienced Finland's military history. Interestingly enough although the islands history is military, today it survives as almost a little village a 20minute ferry ride from Helsinki.. On rising land I might add!!

It was nice to spend some time with Neil also,we stayed in 3 different types of accomodationand alot of lugging around my backpack like some kind of oversized Turtle- at one point I thought my legs would actualy give way!

However Im really excited for the next part of my trip.. and all the fun Im going to have.. and this, only brings smiles, its not goodby finland, only see you soon, Ill deffo be back!!

For now though its hello Estonia... only 2hours ferry away and now Im in the craziest damn hostel ever!! Im here with some tantric music going on!! woop!!

please leave a comment I would love to here from you, ciao for now!!

Monday, 23 August 2010


Plop... and Ive landed in Helsinki.. the capital of Finland. Ive been here now since yesterday afternoon, and reunited with my boyfriend Neil. When we arrived I was soo tierd after a wild night out in Hämenlinna a fab lake city. There I stayed with a guy called Pyry and we had such a great time, playing finnish games, partying till the early hours, all this has an effect on you thou!! You know what they say about over doing it? well I just did.. What a great host though. He showed me this amazing lake city, and I even got chance to see some modern art before I went home... well I must say Im feeling very inspired!!

Talking of modern art Im currently in an exhibit seeing the fabulous photographer Claire Aho

The exhibit showcases her work as a photographer in Helsinki in 1968.. the photos are soo diverse, and really give you a glimpse of what it must have been like to be in helsnki at the time. Deffo one to check out!

Ive also been on a boat trip around the islands in Helsinki today. Beautiful. Well it was a shame about the rain though. If you love food thou, seriously Helsinki is the place to come!! they know how to eat here, the cakes are to die for, the fish superb, and much much more!! The only problem is to know when to stop!!

Wel tommorrow I will stay on a sea fortress, which me and Neil are equally excited for! Will keep you updated as much as possible on my escapades!! ciao for now!!

Luka xxx

Thursday, 19 August 2010

we loveourlives

To all the people rushing to work,
getting up in the morning everyday it gets worse

to the people eating their sunday roast
this is the meal that they love the most

to the bingo risk takers in the hall
hoping and praying that two fat ladies they'll call

to all those who boogiewoogie on a friday night
forgetting their problems cuz tonight is alright

to the mothers at work and the children at school
homework, packed lunches, and breaking the rules

to the guy who knows all the aswears at the quiz down the pub
hes far too boring to be given much love

to dogs being pulled on their leads
longing for their owners to give them there next feed

to the tuff bloke scratching his balls
a stonking black eye from his last brawl

to the peddle pushers sweating it out at the gym
thinking "if I loose a few pounds I can get with him"

to the rustle of leaves and the birds and the bees
to the slow moving traffic and the car that has had it



Hey!! a competition for you all, Im challenging you to write a poem about yourself, Be as narcistic as you like, writing as if I dont know you, even if I do!!! All levels welcome, Ill be really pleased to read them

Prize----- Being in Finland, Ill post you out a moonmin stationary set and a maremeko notepad....

Ill look forward to your interesting enteries!! Please get your enteries back by 25th August!!

Good luck, Luka

A story of me

I can feel happy and sad, Im independently vocal
but I really think its important to take the good with the bad,
Taking you all back to the start
Being artistic means you can take things to heart
Born and raised Ive see happy days
Listening to what you teacher says
Wanting a simple happy life living by the sea,
never underestimate the power inside of me,
cuz Im corageous, and contageous
spiritually outrageous,
Loving new things and Living out my dreams,
these are some of my philisophical themes
wanting to make a difference on this earth
something Ive had inside of me since birth
Ive learned the hard way what loyalty can mean
you would too if you'd been were Ive been,
Being with me can drive you round the bend
but if I call you a friend Ill be with you to the end
Dont underestimate the powers that be
Cuz its not always what is meant to be will be..

the island

Terve again from the Turku Alchipelagos! Im currently nestled nicely in a Island called Pargas, Im just about to rest my lips into fab cappuchino, and have dragged myself away from the beach and a swim. Pargas is the start of thes islands, and its such a lovely chilled out place, I have been walking around, seeing some lovely sights and churches parks, and now am just near the beach and have jumped off a diving board there... how fun.

Im loving it still here, It was deffo time to leave the farm, as nice as it was, I did get bored, being active... well maybe slightly hyperactive, I wasnt really given enough to do. I understand this would be heaven for some people, lovely food, lake swimming, bikeriding, reading.. But for me it was time to leave. Boy-ö-boy Im glad I did, yesterday being my first day in Turku I went to the castle and enjoyed the weather.. well the rain.. and went for a drink with some couchsurfers... its a fun world!!

Tommorrow Ill head off to Hämeenlina, Im staying with a couchsurfer, and Im quite excited for that, then its off to Helsinki to see my beloved Neil for 4 days!

Hope you are all good, see you soon, Luca xx
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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

life on the farm

Hello there! Today I have been having a very productive day. Ive been running, finnished the kite runner, been out picking onions, and setting them out to dry. Im learning lots!! Ive cleared a tree that had fallen in our path and had some lovely black sausage too!! yummm!! at the moment Im just making some dinner.. roast chicken and gravy with vegtables, roast potatos and all the trimmings!!

Im finding it strange at times living in finland... mainly because Im living in the country and I only have one person I can really speak to... everyone else here only speaks Finnish!! major bummer for a socialite like me!! But lets get real... Im loving it!! It has been raining all day thou, and Im looking forward, to catching and eating some cray fish...mmm!! Im sooo excited for that!! we are having a crayfish party too... so thats going to be a blast!

I think Im forgetting how to converse... is that what the countryside does to you?

Monday, 9 August 2010

Updates from a farm

hELLO AGAIN FROM fINLAND!! Well its been my 1st day working on the organic farm today, although it has been abit halted by rain vertually all day, its calmed down abit now!! Last night we had huge thunderstorms here, and all the lights went out aswel sooo that is one way to stop you sleeping!!

Im staying in a place called Palkane, which is in the municipality of Tampere.. Finns love to enjoy their summers in summer cottages, and this is one of the places were they have the most summer cottagesin Finland!!

I got here on Friday and spent almost 3 beautiful days relaxing, and winding down.. ever get the feeling once you wind down you cant wind back up? well Ive been for a few walks.. had a lovely blackberry pie, and a georgeous thai meal... yumm!! well I doo really feel spoilt here!! and I suppose to be working!! hehe*!

Yesterday was a lovely day, and I went for a bike ride to check out the little village. Its actually bigger than I thought at first, it has a lovely old windmill and a nice ruined church aswel! (being an x catholic it is always good to see a church left to waste!!) heh!! and as its on a lake there is some really nice places to go for a swim- theres actually beaches here.. in the middle of finland!!

Well atm there is only me on the farm, but Im enjoying that!! and Martii is really nice, and very interesting too!! he's been teaching me how to freeze foods for the winter and blanch food aswel, omg Im going to make myself into the ideal homemaker for Neil ;ö)

Other highlights from my trip to Tampere were to go to the Moonmin museum, whuch was lovely, they actually have all these little handmade models.. utterly amazing!! and I also went to the oldest public sauna in Finland, which was brilliant also!! soo hot, but as there was a yurt sauna, which was abit cooler it wasnt all that bad really!!

I did enjoy Tampere, but its best not to stay there too long, I think its abit of an ugly city really, and you really have to know where to go ITS NOT OBVIOUS!!

I have made a few plans now, when I leave here Im going to Helsinki for 4 days, and Im staying on an old army barracks for one of my nights there, aswell as staying in a lodge!! Ive got a place to stay in Tallinn through couch surfing, and Ive also found and amazing hostel that I want to stay in in Berlin!! called the circus hostel

well those of you I know Im missing you!! and Im sure it wont be long till I return!! Lovings, Luka

Leave a comment if you like it would be great to here from you!! xx

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Pispala ;)

Hei hei!! Greetings once again from finland, If you have been following me on the map, you will see Ive been going crazy with mad and random things that I have been doing!! But also there is just enough time to relax abit too!!

Today I am at a place called Pispala which is in Tampere, This district is amazing, its very alternative, and has some really lovely old buildings aswell as some even cooler derlict factories!! I went to this place today to see some brilliant art, and also climbed the steps of Pispala, and also went to the Pumpkin house, which is near the beach. Its amazing because they actually have beaches and islands here which are close in the center of the city, in the middle of Finland.

This district is also the place were Rajaportti sauna is, which is the oldest public sauna in Finland, which Im hoping to go to. Saunaring being something of a Finish way of life. Talking of Saunaing, I went to Minnies cottage near Kokkola 2 days ago. Its on a island, and has a traditional smoke sauna, which is beautiful! We also had fish from a smoked oven, which tasted.. well..amazing!! I do miss her.. But my new host Marek, is a really nice guy and Im staying with him in Tampere for the next two days, close to the city. We went slacklining yesterday which means we walked in between two trees on a flat rope. Its ALOT harder than it sounds believe me.

Well tonight Im going to an "Ozi" barbeque (how finnish) and am just hoping the thunder and rain doesnt start again as its been raining all night, but still its really humid! Im still enjoying myself and hjaving a great time....

Hope to here from you all in my next sporadic jaunt! Nakkimeen, Luke xxx

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Sunday, 1 August 2010


Terve (hello) from finland!! hope this finds you all well!! well its 1.14am here and its officially past my bedtime! But as Ive been having such a busy time here, and it doesnt get dark till 11pm, and starts getting light at 3am, my body clock is compeatly out of sync.

Ive had a fantastic time soo far, my lovely friend and host minna, has been keeping me topped up with the local alcohol and food. Ive met so many amazing a friendly people here too! It took me 17hours of traveling- door to door to get here- but I made it- without any delays either!

Even on the journey up here I could tell I was going to like it. So much countryside forest and culture here. The archetecture for one thing is deffinetly worth a visit to Finland on its own. Im staying in a place called Kokkola which is great. Its right by the sea, and has the benifit of having a beautiful countryside and forests.. and lakes too!

Ive also even got to meet santas little helpers here! I went to this brilliant place just outside kokkola where this woman has made all these little helpers by hand. There was also a cafe with the BEST blueberry pie I have ever tasted! minne being a realy popular girl has been keen to introduce me to all her friends. Ive been out both nights Ive been here.. I never went to bed yesterday till 8am, which included a house party, but when its light when you get out of a club you dont really want to sleep do you!?

Its great becus like me minnie is also a night owl and doesnt get up till late also, sooo I can lie in and enjoy a busy night!! and boy do the finns know how to party!! Ive been to some cool bars, and even got to see some live music, on both friday and saturday... I think Im going to like it!!

Im here now tommorrow and tuesday, I catch the train down to Tampere for more fun!! Minnie has said that we will be going to her summer cottage were we will go into a traditional finnish sauna and also try some steamed fish and blueberry soup!! (the food here is lovley!!) sooo I certainlly am enjoying it!.

I will keep you all updated, feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you have all been up to!! be good and take care ;-)


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Life has a way of showing you theres a deeper purpose and someone is looking out for you.. after reading lovely bones, in which the father of the dead girl has a hobby of making ships in bottles, even after her death as a way of connecting to her... well I walk around the corner in leicter square yesterday.. and on the fourth plinth was a huge ship in a bottle... how random!! beautiful though!!
Had a great day too also got to see the portrait gallery which is having its annual portrait prize atm.. very lovely!! well Il leave you to enjoy!

Monday, 19 July 2010

mucho gusto!! Ive been soo busy!!

Well my tour is done, Ive been to Liverpool Birmingham and had the bestest birthday in Brighton... For those of you who haven't been to Liverpool, its on a river in the north of England. A rich cultural history, with boat making, the slave trade, the Beatles, the Tate gallery, and many more institutions in the art world, loads of sculptures, historic buildings, docks, nightlife to live for, shopping to die for, and that accent that comes out the mouth of the love 'em or hate 'em scousers... its no wonder it was voted capital of culture. Only about 3 hours via ferry to Dublin too, sooo it also has loads of Irish there as well.

I got there at 11pm, and our first point of call was actually an Irish bar on Matthew street, called Flanagan's.. the night was spectacular, and I had a great time, my lovely host Sandra was an absolute pleasure to be around too.

One of the big reasons I was up that way though was to see the Picasso, (possibly my favorite artist) peace and freedom exhibit. About Picasso's life as an activist, living in exile in France, during both world wars and during Communisms reign over eastern Europe. My hot hot host was the lovely Sandra. Who being from East Germany has lived through communism, something that Picasso thoroughly believed in. The paintings and the way the exhibit was put together was well worth a trip in its self. But the fact is Liverpool was well worth was worth the journey (6hours) in its own right. I loved its musical history and the art scene there was fab too!! I even got a fab traditional German/Englisher Sunday dinner too!! how lucky am I??

In brum I had the best barbie ever, and all my family came to visit, being a school night they tried to go to bed early but being my family stayed up way past their bedtime!! naughty!! we even had a chocolate fountain- omg!! sooo much food, if not too much.

Watched Inception too!! any thoughts? well I was baffeled by the end of it!! but I loved it anyway!! it took me until the next day to understand it (my brain is slow- I KNOW!!) The only thing that annoyed me was that fucking wife! if u canceled her out then it would have been fantastic! or maybe given Leos character more of a backbone!! I was just trying to follow all the dream sequences at the same time- funny business!! you think that he would not make the same mistake twice getting stuck in a dream

On Friday I also had a fantastic day and went on a steam railway in Brighton called the Bluebell railway, fantastic!! soo historical- its got some fantastic old vehicles on it! Neil paid for my birthday!! so that was quality!! and then went out with some friends to a bar called Casablanca and danced my socks off till two in the morning, to brilliant live jazz!! shame I had only four hours sleep... but hey.... humm if I was in inception, it would be a dream and I wouldn't need sleep!!

Well now I have only 3 days left till I'm in Finland!! omg!! its all happened soo fast and I'm soo excited!! Going to london tomo.. Ill try and keep in touch as much as poss... that's a promise! speak soon! ciao!! xx

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Saturday, 10 July 2010


I was reclaimed by the woods today you wouldnt believe
I lay down for a second and the ivy grew around my knees
mushrooms sprouted out of my mouth
a door mouse made my hat into a house
the roots and ivy wispered in my ears, " do not fret for we are here, we heard your crys and heed your call, you need not worry now any more"
Leaves and weeds spring from my hands
this most deffinetly not what I had planned
eventually I calmed down abit, and felt at peace and one with it
cuz lifes troubles passed me by
I was staring straight into natures eye
a peace Ive always felt deep inside
the forests deepest lullaby
so if youre passing by the old oak tree
look closer.... and you could see me


A-MAZE-ING: get lost in me, a black hole and your gone sinking into the abis you though you knew or was expected to know,
the river runs deep but its dry and your eyes cant be shielded from the hot-hot heat that fries all the sweet sweet on your forehead and speaks in tongues and lies, making you want to die and not breathe another day,
breathless and restless awaiting rescue

fuck up

Intricate combined with messy,
blue bubbles,
ever square inch its great
patches of colour
jokes poetry lines and patterns trees
cotton candy women with big eyes and sweet faces
mysterious dream like worlds and cantonese swirls
mischievious marks and works of art smells and textures combined to fuck your brain up

Guess whos back?

Hello partay people, a change of look you will notice? I was abit bored witht the old so I thought I bring in the new.. and its been so long.. how have you all been? Ive wanted to write but I just havnt felt inspired to write my blog, plus its sooo bloody georgeous outside... thought Id let you know the new title isnt bucuz Im a southern snob its becus Im a midlander and it IS different down south- its like a bloody different country in brighton for god sake!! ;-)

Not long either till I jet off to Finland (god help the fins-3weeks yesterday) so Im busy booking things for that and then Im off!! Im going to see the Piccasso exhibit in Liverpool too- Chuffed about that, and Ive just came back from Glasto- amazing- the best festival ever? stevie wonder was a legend! anyone going to any cool festies this summer??? I hope you see that Im not just ignoring you..Ive been a busy bee...but I have been missing the bloggin sphere!!

Ive also really been busy with art, and got lots running through the pipe lines currently, and been writting a little bit of poetry, and Im really hoping to get writing out in finland. That would be nice!! anyway, I hope to be writting more now Ill leave u with some poetry...

Monday, 17 May 2010

This is Reasons for Optimism

Well hello... As I have been babbling on about lately, its the Brighton Festival!! (cheers, applauds) Theres so many events and sub "festivals" in May that its easy to feel a little over whelmed. This year was actually the first time I went to see ANYTHING in the main festival; with the guest director being Brain Eno, a great man, artist, musician and freethinker, I wanted to go along to an event with him and some other positives to find out on some of their Reasons for Optimism.

Living in a world were we are bombarded by so much depression and negativity everyday how on earth are we to stay positive? But everyday people make this choice. It was pointed out during this 1 1/2 hour long talk that we are only really seeing half a story, we are not or very rarely told the positive. I believe our optimism is all we have to get us out of the mess we have put our selves in.
On the stage there was Eno and 3 other guests speaking about different subjects, one a psychologist, one dealing in the Environment and one on Nuclear Arms. Each of these people is involved in positivity in the world, which I know that I am thoroughly inspired to know that people care enough to want to make a change.

Enos reasons for optimism is that we need to work through ALL our current situations together. Allot of people are scared by world government, myself included. But he concluded that we all need to come together if we are going to protect our lives here on earth for many more thousands of years. The issues he and the others on stage were so complex, Poverty, Climate change, Terrorism, Religion, Mental health. We can't really work alone on these issues, these are big issues...

I know some of you may laugh but personally I really do need to focus optimistically on the future, both for me and our future one the planet, we are fucked if we think otherwise, cuz like attracts like right? Its up to us to be the change we want to see in OUR world, the change starts with us.

The movement of people caring about the state of the planet and the state of the people on it is growing. I'm so happy and thankful to have good people around me in my life. I'm a pretty optimistic person so it never changed my views completely but I'm sure Team Eno changed a few opinions with their views on the subject. He definitely made me think more about the subject, and more ways I can impact posivily on the world too..

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pic of the day

Check out these cool pics!! Loves it!! this one has got to be my favorite!! go griffindor!!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

bodies in urban spaces

Just thought Id share some of my weekend with you- this was a free event, called "bodies in urban spaces" it was dark so the quality isnt brill. These were just some of the cool positions these peeps got themselves into on friday night. It was a guided walk through Brighton, with these people running around and getting into all kinds of tight spaces. It was really like nothing Ive ever seen before, well done to those who performed- it was tre impressive!! xx

Monday, 10 May 2010

O I do like to be beside a

Hello howdy!! Wow what a bloody couple of weeks- SOOOO many times I have gone to write this blog- but alas it was not to be. I have been a busy one indeed! Ive just handed in my work to be assessed this week.. I'm not completely happy with it but that's OK- I still have allot more to get on with and my work I sure will be progressing forward.

Having voted last week I was disappointed at the results. I now have a conservative in my local council (instead of labour) which I'm quite sad about. I was sooo pushing for a Labour MP.. never mind though, we now have the FIRST EVER green MP In England in Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas, which is great news- Im sure she will be pushing green issues to the fore, which I'm incredibly glad about. Another plus is that the BNP have lost all there 15 seats in the UK- which is great news... I hope that people saw them for who they truly are- racist bigots.

This weekend Ive been busy also with my social life (yes I actually have one again) starting on Friday night, seeing Kelis, in Revenge night club... humm not such a pretty sight she did look quite ruff.

I also went to see some comedy as part of the Brighton Festival, which was great- a show called "environmental Jihad" which was utterly hilarious! It was a show about the environment, and fundamentalism, and how fundamentalism could be a way to move the environmental movement forward, and how much they have in common with the envirmoental movement.. lol- I couldn't resist posting my status on facebook that I was for it and was about to meet some bomb experts... I love pissing off peoples views about Muslims- people can get soo touchy I tell you- fact- most Muslims are not fundamentalists... still, people are afraid all the time about it because of the amount of media attention it gets... shouldn't we try and understand it more?

I went to see Coco Rosie also at the amazing venue- the De la warr pavilion in Bexhill-on-sea. Poor turnout though. Why o why didnt as many people show up? It should have been packed. They are such an amazing band, Amazing visuals, and an amazing place to show them. The show was utterly mesmerising, it was sort of like meditation. If you don't know of Coco Rosie check them out. They are folky, opertic, classical, eXPERIMENTAL, modern.. to name but a few words about these two sisters.

Yesterday aswell, I went to see some really nice art which was ace, looking round the open houses, if any of you ever want to come to Brighton, may is the time to do it. every weekend in May artists open there doors and you can wonder round their house's and eat their cake, and look at there art- great stuff!! then it was to the tea room for more cake and tea- o to be English by the sea.. until next time

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

invade invade

Who would want to take us over? Acording to the scientist Stephan Hawkins- the truth could be out there and we should be beware!! In a recent article Hawkins said that we should be aware of trying to contact life on other planets, because it is most likely to be unfriendly and wanting to drain the resources we have here on earth.

Now dont get me wrong Im loving my life here, but if I was a species from another planet I would be aware of trying to contact US never mind the other way around.

Like I have said before our planets resources are running low- I think they would have far more to fear from us than the other way around. It is also a fairly limiting view to believe that being a human with all our faults is the only way to be. There are so many emotions that we as humans experience- now forget labels-some are destructive and some are productive, both to our state of mind and to the planet. Surely it must be possible for another species to be less destructive and actually think of the planet as a living thing- we've all seen Avatar right? excuse the pun-but looking after our planet is not "rocket science" if we want to live on this planet for a while we have to learn to look after it.

We are still very much a primitive species, we have come part of the way but we still have a long way to go. Isn't it right that we only use a very small proportion of our brain? what the hell is the rest of it for? and if there is life on other planets why is it not possible that it already knows we're here, and keeping us- the rowdy teenager in check? which I would consider alot more possible.. so yes proff I think it is possible for there to be negitive forces in the universe, but its just as possible for a positive force to be out there too...

Monday, 19 April 2010

Peak Oil

Hi bloggies, yesterday was quite an amazing day for me,

#1- It was hot- a definite plus
#2- Me and Neil got to have a lovely walk to hove
#3- It was the Brighton Marathon- theres nothing more inspiring than seeing someone do something that should be impossible- either for themselves or for a charity- if you have done it I SALUTE YOU!!

I also went to see an environmental film called a crude awakening! Well being into environmental issues these days sure can stir up some controversy- I mean I was just talking the other day- if you where a shirt saying something that might be abit progressive like "save the planet" or something or possibly even "recycle"- you inevitably get someone wanting to force there opinions down your throught- and usually they are talking bollocks-hehe, hence I don't where shirt's like that! Even though I live in quite a liberal place, peoples views on climate change are so mixed.

The film was about Peak oil. I have spoken on this blog about the illusions we live in, Peak Oil is important to everyone on this planet, why are we not doing anything about it? we have plunged our sources right down and are now in Iraq getting there oil, and Saudi Oil also. Going into ever more dangerous countries in a quest to save our way of life. Western culture is seen as the perfect choice for developing nations- who would choose to live in poverty? People in developing nations are demanding oil, wanting it cheap and fast, but it isn't going to last forever is it? Oil runs out, and we may have already reached peak oil. How long can we sustain our way of life? When is the transition going to happen?

I feel that there is so much mixed messages with climate change- hence feeling confused with the reality of it I can understand. But just taking this issue separately from this for a minute, we are living in a bubble that is about to be burst. We are facing in the future the reality of war on oil, countries facing depleted stocks, lets get things straight- OIL is in everything!! even the vegetables harvested would not be there in there numbers if it wernt for the machinery in the fields chugging away to get them in, packaging machinery does allot of work for us now too. So it makes total sense Canada digging up there tar sands doesn't it? were running out of oil, and what makes it worse is that we arnt being told the facts, and arnt trying to limit the amount we us very well either. If oil runs out you can sure bet there wont be any big summer flights- there may not be any flights at all... so even if you are confused in climate change I'm sure you can appreciate the fact that even this on its own is threatening our way of life- not to mention how much pollution it causes. I think climate change needs to be a bigger issue, why arnt polititions placing it higher on there bills? it may soon be to late...

Friday, 16 April 2010

shake up that dusty rug

Isn't life a funny thing guys and girls? I don't know about you but I'm endlessly trying to balance up my life, and trying to weigh up my priorities in my brain. Last year was such a productive one for me in terms of doing things and starting new things. This year- on a smaller scale is pretty much the same. One things for sure I want to spring clean my life- shake that rug up! I hope to get more involved in green issues- I have just signed up to transition Brighton and hove, and hope to go to a local community project to grow some veg- yummy, I can already smell the soup. It takes alot of strength to start something new- I read a quote once-

"it takes all the strength you can muster to keep in the same place, if you want to get anywhere else you got to move twice as fast."

That quote pretty much rings true for me- sometimes- not all of the time. But I think to move forward in life and to grow and change takes tremendous strength

Ive been reading, and taking to people lately on climate change. I read an article by John Bird on how our government don't really tell us the facts. We are all so bloody confused in this world, listening to gossip from the media, as to what is affecting our day to day lives, the fact is there are so many people my age that don't even vote- its my 1st time voting this year too ;-) Its up to our generation to make changes in our society, its up to us, to lobby and speak up on climate change- and to vote too. There are so many groups out there to get involved with, or if you don't have time, donate, its so rewarding and I don't know a better feeling to know that you are giving something back. You don't have to be a slave to the system- we can speak out. Remember you can either moan or act! (occasionally both) Our world is changing and its time for the way we live our lives to change, and the way the system works.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Realise that the world doesn't revolve around you
Everyone is important
Smile- it can make someones day
Peace starts with yourself
Empathy is having understanding to actions
Compassion is caring in action
Together we can make a change

Monday, 12 April 2010

pics from walk

dawn madness

A dawn walk extravaganza! This morning I was up BEFORE the crack of dawn to prctice walking Atom the giant puppet for the childrens parade at the start of may. Wow who would of thought.. me up at 4am when I dont need to! We went up to Devils Dyke, which is one of the highest peaks around Brighton, and watched the sun come up... the wind was soo cold though and I ended up not being able to feel my hands- it was all worth it. Like I said in my last blog- a Diciplined mind pays off- the hot chocolate and croissont surely helped when we got up there though- and surely some gloves would have helped too!