Monday, 10 May 2010

O I do like to be beside a

Hello howdy!! Wow what a bloody couple of weeks- SOOOO many times I have gone to write this blog- but alas it was not to be. I have been a busy one indeed! Ive just handed in my work to be assessed this week.. I'm not completely happy with it but that's OK- I still have allot more to get on with and my work I sure will be progressing forward.

Having voted last week I was disappointed at the results. I now have a conservative in my local council (instead of labour) which I'm quite sad about. I was sooo pushing for a Labour MP.. never mind though, we now have the FIRST EVER green MP In England in Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas, which is great news- Im sure she will be pushing green issues to the fore, which I'm incredibly glad about. Another plus is that the BNP have lost all there 15 seats in the UK- which is great news... I hope that people saw them for who they truly are- racist bigots.

This weekend Ive been busy also with my social life (yes I actually have one again) starting on Friday night, seeing Kelis, in Revenge night club... humm not such a pretty sight she did look quite ruff.

I also went to see some comedy as part of the Brighton Festival, which was great- a show called "environmental Jihad" which was utterly hilarious! It was a show about the environment, and fundamentalism, and how fundamentalism could be a way to move the environmental movement forward, and how much they have in common with the envirmoental movement.. lol- I couldn't resist posting my status on facebook that I was for it and was about to meet some bomb experts... I love pissing off peoples views about Muslims- people can get soo touchy I tell you- fact- most Muslims are not fundamentalists... still, people are afraid all the time about it because of the amount of media attention it gets... shouldn't we try and understand it more?

I went to see Coco Rosie also at the amazing venue- the De la warr pavilion in Bexhill-on-sea. Poor turnout though. Why o why didnt as many people show up? It should have been packed. They are such an amazing band, Amazing visuals, and an amazing place to show them. The show was utterly mesmerising, it was sort of like meditation. If you don't know of Coco Rosie check them out. They are folky, opertic, classical, eXPERIMENTAL, modern.. to name but a few words about these two sisters.

Yesterday aswell, I went to see some really nice art which was ace, looking round the open houses, if any of you ever want to come to Brighton, may is the time to do it. every weekend in May artists open there doors and you can wonder round their house's and eat their cake, and look at there art- great stuff!! then it was to the tea room for more cake and tea- o to be English by the sea.. until next time

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