Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Its an oman!!!! wow, the prodigy are back!! Not a band I would say Id go and see usually but after a phone call from a friend with a spare ticket, and several reccomendations form friends (quite random- actually the weekend before I went!!) I had to go!!! I would reccomend anyone to go and see them!! even though they started up quite a while ago now they were right on form and BANG ON THE MARK in terms of being up to date!! SUMING UP THE EVENING-a mid week rave!!!! lol- AV IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

easter shinnanigans

Its funny how going back and reconnecting with where you grew up can bring you an enormous amount of inner peace, Im absolutely nackerd but immensily satisfied with myself and my life... even though I dont know where im going... lol!! going up to brum with neil on saturday with eggs in the boot of my car, and arrangements for me to be in moseley for 1.30 when I arrived in minworth at 1pm, with neil hungry, we had to eat didnt we? by the time we left in the car, it was only 1.30!! after a few frantic texts telling my friends we would be late, we arrrived at 2pm in the local weatherspoons- a hub of the local community Im sure you'll agree!?

I also got to catch the lovely reeta in brum, she came over and stayed in brum. My mom bless her cooked a three course for us all!! with chilled out with laid back tunes to listen too, while me and reeta made faces and proceeded to get drunker and drunker!! lol!! with the help of my moms cupious supply of beverage!! Neil passed out at 12 but we were going till way into the morning.

easter day was less than holy, but my last day and had to get myself over my hangover. I thought I was bad and then my sis lauren came in- now that was a sight!! a pale one at that, after stories also of throwing up in his bedroom- whilshe was in the room! apparently it smelt of shit!! and Im glad I wasnt there by the sound of it!! we had lots more food, before departing, and more dramas cuz neil had left the car lights on all night so the battery had run flat!! we had to jump star it!! lol!! how shameless were we!!

Now Im back on the coast, and Im soooo tierd! but Im not about to give away that spring feeling, and I have some wonderful memorys too!! theres always bank holiday monday to chill out!!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Lesbian Vampire Killers!!??!?!?!?!? wtf!! I have just read a review from it today and the other day from a lesbian reviewer""!! apparently its pretty awful!! at first I thought it was quite a funny idea but after readin it it sounds like its made for an iq of below 0!! for a start it victimises the gay community I understand that its abit of a laugh but it seems a lil bit shallow and steriotypical!! not that I give a shit about what other people think of me being gay... if you have an opinion on it plase wright to me xx