Saturday, 28 August 2010


Patari Prison
This poem wrote in a old soviet prison in Estonia
it provoked such strong feelings in me that I had to write straight away!
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Tricks playing with your mind
its so scary when you walk along a barren hall
you think hear a noise
go, run down the halls,
up and down stairs
now your scared
too many movies I fear
but this overgrown hell hole
barren and dead
has taken lives and imprisoned in its chambers
the thoughts of the abuse
suffering and regret seep out the walls here
the dead want to speak to you
to hear their sorry point of view
cuz their scared too

Friday, 27 August 2010

contrasting city

Well first and formost Id like to say congratulations... to me!! cuz Im the winner of the notepad and stationary!! haha!! well nobody entered the competition so I get it.. hope if I do another comp in the future people will enter though, seriously.

Well my time in Tallinn has drew to a close, Ive had a great time here, such a city of polarities, that not everyone I feel will see when they come here.

On one hand of the city you have the lovely old town, very quaint and beautiful, contrasting wih the soviet past with block buildings and crumbling old wooden houses.

Today I went to a old prison... a bit of a shit hole let me tell you. It only closed in 2005 and is a really scary place. It had a place were they hanged people, a Operation room, cells etc. Now Ive been to Alcatraz and that doesn't have a patch on it. I would hate to be stuck in that place. Talk about residue energies. That place gave me the creeps, I wrote a poem too which I will post later.

Also I went to an old Russian crazy flea market and went on a free tour of the city.. found out loads of really interesting history from my guide!! wow, after coming from Finland, a place with a fairly recent history this place is steeped in the stuff!!

In a word:Come

But be prepared to see things in a very different way.

Well I'm off again tonight to Vilnius the capital of Lithuania... so exciting*!!

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Goodbye Finland?

A whizz around finland, and then Im gone. Wow what an amazing trip... so far... and it went by so quickly.

Ive farmed.. abit.. tried my best to keep up with the partying locals., Laughed alot, met loads of new frieds, experienced a whole new culture, cities, countryside, lakes, beaches, excellent views, food, and some of the best hospitality Ive ever experienced off total strangers.

Today Ive been to Saumenlinna- Finlands very own island fortress for my last day in this beautiful country. Dispite the (torrential) rain I have had a fantastic time. I got the chance to climb aboard one of Finlands only Submarines, and experienced Finland's military history. Interestingly enough although the islands history is military, today it survives as almost a little village a 20minute ferry ride from Helsinki.. On rising land I might add!!

It was nice to spend some time with Neil also,we stayed in 3 different types of accomodationand alot of lugging around my backpack like some kind of oversized Turtle- at one point I thought my legs would actualy give way!

However Im really excited for the next part of my trip.. and all the fun Im going to have.. and this, only brings smiles, its not goodby finland, only see you soon, Ill deffo be back!!

For now though its hello Estonia... only 2hours ferry away and now Im in the craziest damn hostel ever!! Im here with some tantric music going on!! woop!!

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Monday, 23 August 2010


Plop... and Ive landed in Helsinki.. the capital of Finland. Ive been here now since yesterday afternoon, and reunited with my boyfriend Neil. When we arrived I was soo tierd after a wild night out in Hämenlinna a fab lake city. There I stayed with a guy called Pyry and we had such a great time, playing finnish games, partying till the early hours, all this has an effect on you thou!! You know what they say about over doing it? well I just did.. What a great host though. He showed me this amazing lake city, and I even got chance to see some modern art before I went home... well I must say Im feeling very inspired!!

Talking of modern art Im currently in an exhibit seeing the fabulous photographer Claire Aho

The exhibit showcases her work as a photographer in Helsinki in 1968.. the photos are soo diverse, and really give you a glimpse of what it must have been like to be in helsnki at the time. Deffo one to check out!

Ive also been on a boat trip around the islands in Helsinki today. Beautiful. Well it was a shame about the rain though. If you love food thou, seriously Helsinki is the place to come!! they know how to eat here, the cakes are to die for, the fish superb, and much much more!! The only problem is to know when to stop!!

Wel tommorrow I will stay on a sea fortress, which me and Neil are equally excited for! Will keep you updated as much as possible on my escapades!! ciao for now!!

Luka xxx

Thursday, 19 August 2010

we loveourlives

To all the people rushing to work,
getting up in the morning everyday it gets worse

to the people eating their sunday roast
this is the meal that they love the most

to the bingo risk takers in the hall
hoping and praying that two fat ladies they'll call

to all those who boogiewoogie on a friday night
forgetting their problems cuz tonight is alright

to the mothers at work and the children at school
homework, packed lunches, and breaking the rules

to the guy who knows all the aswears at the quiz down the pub
hes far too boring to be given much love

to dogs being pulled on their leads
longing for their owners to give them there next feed

to the tuff bloke scratching his balls
a stonking black eye from his last brawl

to the peddle pushers sweating it out at the gym
thinking "if I loose a few pounds I can get with him"

to the rustle of leaves and the birds and the bees
to the slow moving traffic and the car that has had it



Hey!! a competition for you all, Im challenging you to write a poem about yourself, Be as narcistic as you like, writing as if I dont know you, even if I do!!! All levels welcome, Ill be really pleased to read them

Prize----- Being in Finland, Ill post you out a moonmin stationary set and a maremeko notepad....

Ill look forward to your interesting enteries!! Please get your enteries back by 25th August!!

Good luck, Luka

A story of me

I can feel happy and sad, Im independently vocal
but I really think its important to take the good with the bad,
Taking you all back to the start
Being artistic means you can take things to heart
Born and raised Ive see happy days
Listening to what you teacher says
Wanting a simple happy life living by the sea,
never underestimate the power inside of me,
cuz Im corageous, and contageous
spiritually outrageous,
Loving new things and Living out my dreams,
these are some of my philisophical themes
wanting to make a difference on this earth
something Ive had inside of me since birth
Ive learned the hard way what loyalty can mean
you would too if you'd been were Ive been,
Being with me can drive you round the bend
but if I call you a friend Ill be with you to the end
Dont underestimate the powers that be
Cuz its not always what is meant to be will be..

the island

Terve again from the Turku Alchipelagos! Im currently nestled nicely in a Island called Pargas, Im just about to rest my lips into fab cappuchino, and have dragged myself away from the beach and a swim. Pargas is the start of thes islands, and its such a lovely chilled out place, I have been walking around, seeing some lovely sights and churches parks, and now am just near the beach and have jumped off a diving board there... how fun.

Im loving it still here, It was deffo time to leave the farm, as nice as it was, I did get bored, being active... well maybe slightly hyperactive, I wasnt really given enough to do. I understand this would be heaven for some people, lovely food, lake swimming, bikeriding, reading.. But for me it was time to leave. Boy-ö-boy Im glad I did, yesterday being my first day in Turku I went to the castle and enjoyed the weather.. well the rain.. and went for a drink with some couchsurfers... its a fun world!!

Tommorrow Ill head off to Hämeenlina, Im staying with a couchsurfer, and Im quite excited for that, then its off to Helsinki to see my beloved Neil for 4 days!

Hope you are all good, see you soon, Luca xx
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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

life on the farm

Hello there! Today I have been having a very productive day. Ive been running, finnished the kite runner, been out picking onions, and setting them out to dry. Im learning lots!! Ive cleared a tree that had fallen in our path and had some lovely black sausage too!! yummm!! at the moment Im just making some dinner.. roast chicken and gravy with vegtables, roast potatos and all the trimmings!!

Im finding it strange at times living in finland... mainly because Im living in the country and I only have one person I can really speak to... everyone else here only speaks Finnish!! major bummer for a socialite like me!! But lets get real... Im loving it!! It has been raining all day thou, and Im looking forward, to catching and eating some cray fish...mmm!! Im sooo excited for that!! we are having a crayfish party too... so thats going to be a blast!

I think Im forgetting how to converse... is that what the countryside does to you?

Monday, 9 August 2010

Updates from a farm

hELLO AGAIN FROM fINLAND!! Well its been my 1st day working on the organic farm today, although it has been abit halted by rain vertually all day, its calmed down abit now!! Last night we had huge thunderstorms here, and all the lights went out aswel sooo that is one way to stop you sleeping!!

Im staying in a place called Palkane, which is in the municipality of Tampere.. Finns love to enjoy their summers in summer cottages, and this is one of the places were they have the most summer cottagesin Finland!!

I got here on Friday and spent almost 3 beautiful days relaxing, and winding down.. ever get the feeling once you wind down you cant wind back up? well Ive been for a few walks.. had a lovely blackberry pie, and a georgeous thai meal... yumm!! well I doo really feel spoilt here!! and I suppose to be working!! hehe*!

Yesterday was a lovely day, and I went for a bike ride to check out the little village. Its actually bigger than I thought at first, it has a lovely old windmill and a nice ruined church aswel! (being an x catholic it is always good to see a church left to waste!!) heh!! and as its on a lake there is some really nice places to go for a swim- theres actually beaches here.. in the middle of finland!!

Well atm there is only me on the farm, but Im enjoying that!! and Martii is really nice, and very interesting too!! he's been teaching me how to freeze foods for the winter and blanch food aswel, omg Im going to make myself into the ideal homemaker for Neil ;ö)

Other highlights from my trip to Tampere were to go to the Moonmin museum, whuch was lovely, they actually have all these little handmade models.. utterly amazing!! and I also went to the oldest public sauna in Finland, which was brilliant also!! soo hot, but as there was a yurt sauna, which was abit cooler it wasnt all that bad really!!

I did enjoy Tampere, but its best not to stay there too long, I think its abit of an ugly city really, and you really have to know where to go ITS NOT OBVIOUS!!

I have made a few plans now, when I leave here Im going to Helsinki for 4 days, and Im staying on an old army barracks for one of my nights there, aswell as staying in a lodge!! Ive got a place to stay in Tallinn through couch surfing, and Ive also found and amazing hostel that I want to stay in in Berlin!! called the circus hostel

well those of you I know Im missing you!! and Im sure it wont be long till I return!! Lovings, Luka

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Pispala ;)

Hei hei!! Greetings once again from finland, If you have been following me on the map, you will see Ive been going crazy with mad and random things that I have been doing!! But also there is just enough time to relax abit too!!

Today I am at a place called Pispala which is in Tampere, This district is amazing, its very alternative, and has some really lovely old buildings aswell as some even cooler derlict factories!! I went to this place today to see some brilliant art, and also climbed the steps of Pispala, and also went to the Pumpkin house, which is near the beach. Its amazing because they actually have beaches and islands here which are close in the center of the city, in the middle of Finland.

This district is also the place were Rajaportti sauna is, which is the oldest public sauna in Finland, which Im hoping to go to. Saunaring being something of a Finish way of life. Talking of Saunaing, I went to Minnies cottage near Kokkola 2 days ago. Its on a island, and has a traditional smoke sauna, which is beautiful! We also had fish from a smoked oven, which tasted.. well..amazing!! I do miss her.. But my new host Marek, is a really nice guy and Im staying with him in Tampere for the next two days, close to the city. We went slacklining yesterday which means we walked in between two trees on a flat rope. Its ALOT harder than it sounds believe me.

Well tonight Im going to an "Ozi" barbeque (how finnish) and am just hoping the thunder and rain doesnt start again as its been raining all night, but still its really humid! Im still enjoying myself and hjaving a great time....

Hope to here from you all in my next sporadic jaunt! Nakkimeen, Luke xxx

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Sunday, 1 August 2010


Terve (hello) from finland!! hope this finds you all well!! well its 1.14am here and its officially past my bedtime! But as Ive been having such a busy time here, and it doesnt get dark till 11pm, and starts getting light at 3am, my body clock is compeatly out of sync.

Ive had a fantastic time soo far, my lovely friend and host minna, has been keeping me topped up with the local alcohol and food. Ive met so many amazing a friendly people here too! It took me 17hours of traveling- door to door to get here- but I made it- without any delays either!

Even on the journey up here I could tell I was going to like it. So much countryside forest and culture here. The archetecture for one thing is deffinetly worth a visit to Finland on its own. Im staying in a place called Kokkola which is great. Its right by the sea, and has the benifit of having a beautiful countryside and forests.. and lakes too!

Ive also even got to meet santas little helpers here! I went to this brilliant place just outside kokkola where this woman has made all these little helpers by hand. There was also a cafe with the BEST blueberry pie I have ever tasted! minne being a realy popular girl has been keen to introduce me to all her friends. Ive been out both nights Ive been here.. I never went to bed yesterday till 8am, which included a house party, but when its light when you get out of a club you dont really want to sleep do you!?

Its great becus like me minnie is also a night owl and doesnt get up till late also, sooo I can lie in and enjoy a busy night!! and boy do the finns know how to party!! Ive been to some cool bars, and even got to see some live music, on both friday and saturday... I think Im going to like it!!

Im here now tommorrow and tuesday, I catch the train down to Tampere for more fun!! Minnie has said that we will be going to her summer cottage were we will go into a traditional finnish sauna and also try some steamed fish and blueberry soup!! (the food here is lovley!!) sooo I certainlly am enjoying it!.

I will keep you all updated, feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you have all been up to!! be good and take care ;-)