Monday, 25 January 2010

Sunday, 24 January 2010 had an amazing time, but full of highs and lows..
have u might be pleased to know finally started on my art project, which is amazing, considering all the stop and starts Ive had, so have been making a paper mache boy to go in front of a papermache tv with hand coming throu- wierd I know.. work with me people! Its kind of one of those things you have to see to believe!!

and I also went on a southcoast climate group meeting ina town called Lewis. This was really amazing, lots of talks on becoming more of a team.. and organising actions.. a climate carnival...loads of stuff that is just too exciting!! was lovely and went for walks and had lovely food,helped take part in a film, and fun games too!!

I just found out Im dyslexic too.. its funny when you get to 25 and you only just find out!! o well better late than never hey.. now I get the help that I need!! woop!!

had the most mental rows with my bf-which was shit- but hey sometimes you just have to stand your ground hey?

What have you guys and girls been up to??? love to here all!!!

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Friday, 15 January 2010

Pop life

Boo!! well its 11.23pm and have just managed to sit down after a very busy (but fun) day in our capital london!! being woke by builders wasnt fun- but a necessity in getting up this morning!!
Last night had a chilled and happy night; was feeling light warm and fluffy and ready to go (well almost) when I got to london I realised I had literally NO PLAN!! Argh!! with only a vague idea that I wanted to see some art!
Anyway after randomly getting my palm read; having a quick coffe, and buying our local london timeout guide (telling me the latest on the city) I was good to trot (or was that hot?)
I was on my way to the Tate modern to see Pop life.. boy was I in for a treat?? over the millenium bridge to the gallery, not really sure what to expect. I would reccomend anyone to go there before it closes... (gotta be quick)I had heard some quite rotten reviews but I must say it was all so varied!! Highlights for me included a room dedicated to the artist Takashi Murakami, absolute japanese cliche pop culture but uterly fantastic. Of course (u may off heard) the porn room- was quite random... I wouldnt have been shocked to see a man masterbating in the corner... but it was funny, especially when I sent my mum a text telling her I was watchin porn in the tate!! (it was meant for someone else)...
Damien hirst supprised me though, with a cow floating in a tank. then turning the corner to find some random twins sitting on chairs lookin at a camera in their identical way, next to some of tracy emins work.... next there was jeff koons art,which recreated the newyork literally was an art overload, but too me it was soo inspiring
I really really loved seeing andy warhol's work most of all though, a man so completely brillaint, and bonkers!! he is actually funny, they had a few videos that made me laugh a few times......
It just goes to show dont rely on peoples judgements
sometimes its better to go along and make ur own mistakes...if they need to be made
whats more Ive learned some fantastic new artists!! (new for me anyway)
and hopefully it will kick me into action to actually keep on with my art.. not long before I have to hand my work in and I feel like aia havnt started.. wish me luck"*"
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Thursday, 14 January 2010


Hello boys and girls just a lil review here:
I went to see The road based on the book by cormac mc carthy.
****- 4 stars!! I really enjoyed this film, although it was really sad about what happens when our world changes. for those of you who dont know its about a father and son in america who are, trying to get to the southcoast, the people in this movie have run out of food, and have turned desperate in order to get it, alto of them have taken to canibalism, its quite shocking really, but it also got me thinking about, maybe this a world not so far off..

I've read quite a few things and some of you may know I went to copenhagen for the summit this year.. food recorces and water could be and probably will be a huge problem in the future, perhaps even in our lifetime, in this film the father and son fight for there lives, everyday is a struggle; they live an almost nomadic lifestyle. It makes me so sad to see our governments not doing enough for climate change, not seeing what they are doing to our future, is this what fates us?

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Hey well Ive been having a little sort out and I found some poems that I wrote ages ago, thought Id post them up (not all at the same time of course) I do like to tease!!
This is a poem I wrote at the start of the summer, I was camping and I was thinking about the choices we all make in our lives, and how we sometimes sell ourselves short, and get too caught up in doing things, this is a reminder for me to take time out in nature and let her take my problems away..

Good natured

A question
Why not stop a while? enjoy what there is to see?
why not care a while, why not live?
Earth should be boundless, lets not put up boundries
Live limitless
Lets think what we're doing for a while
Lets take the time to smile
live and let live
cus natures calling
lets head her warning
and live

Saturday, 9 January 2010

let it snow

Hello fellow bloggers, well life on the beach had been very cold indeed this week. SNOW SNOW SNOW!! and we brits literally stop working (its official) when the weather starts to go cold!! haha!! that obviously doent stop me wearing canvas shoes and coats that ride up my waste to reveal my tummy, gosh that can get cold (it seemed like a good idea at the time)
Seiously though this week I... was really looking forward to.. my 1st week back at university for my art degree, and I went for 1 day!!! what a fecking liberty!!!! I was bored out of my skull, I did get a chance to throw snowballs, and fall over (naturally) of course though!! but seiously my life needs an injection of fun and good times right now,, Im looking with a suspicuous eye at the week ahead....

..if it will stop snowing of course

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

click on the link to protect peaceful climate activists