Wednesday, 30 December 2009

newyear goodbyes

humm wow what a year, it litarally has been amazing and Im thanking all my friends and family for making it such a good year some highlights from the year that has passed:
  • waking up last new yeas day in a forest in wales
  • compleating my course at bath college
  • going to rome and seeing the amazing beautiful capital with my fam
  • moving back to brighton on valentines day
  • having a fantastic pride here in brighton
  • meeting raw geniuses
  • My birthday celebrations and craziness with the lovlie brummies
  • starting university- an amazing new chapter to my life
  • going to jamaica with my best friend reeta!! woo what a party
  • going to copenhagen and protesting, wanting to create lots more action in the newyear!
  • Havin a lovely christmas with family and friends

I am truley blessed in my life and am looking forward to another amazing year ahead, I'm planning to chill out allot more.. and hopefully not get as chaotic!! haha... wishing you all an amazing newyear, would love to find out what you all have been upto....

Love to all, Luke xxx


another year has gone and too much food devoured once again,
its been fun I must mention
bringing up to your attention....
to my life and what its made of,
jelly beans and excited merories,
friends have come and gone
but in my mind they will always remain
the things youve shared with me
youre heart and experiences
were left open
I will remember you
you will remember me
cuz friends are spiritual family

Moving out and moving in
running here and there
buying this and buying that
did I forget to give you that?
things I left unsai....
summer comes and goes
then quickly turns to fall
the seasons come and go
Its cold and Im
spending time with you

Happy newyear Love xx

Sunday, 9 August 2009

latest nooose

mmm pride craziness!! well yes boys and girls allot has happened since I last happened upon this sight. I have indeed missed you all, but I have been far to busy being my usual ditsy bitch self!! Im going to work backwards as I have been ill for the last week (suspected swine flu) I havnt wanted to do anything- last night however will have to go down on record as THE most boring night of my life!! I can not understand why some boyfriends (no names mentioned you must note) would want to sit and watch tv for THE WHOLE NIGHT!!! I am (almost) better now apart for a coffing fit from hell!! which is actually quite agressive...
Pride was amazing I absolutely loved the mad and crazy antics that we got up too!! I will leave some things to the imagination.. me and emma had a fab night thou, drank lots of cheap cider, stood in the ran, got pushed over by a bouncer, and pissed in a bush, I would thourly reccomend it if your looking to degrade yourself as a human!!
and then there is my birthday... hummm I mean for a start it meant I changed my name to wendi house, and my image was circa to an austin powers set; if anyone watched the austin powers when he was in a club dancing, when one of doctor evils hench men dressed as a lady- a very bad hairy lady I might add, tried to attack him, you would kind of get the idea! Anyway the idea was to have a tea party a very crazy drunken tea party as it turned out- but it started out sooo inocently!!! I made lots of cakes- none as special as the ones people came with though!! a very good night was had by all though- I must say!
and I swear, I had the best night ever that saturday!! I stayed out till 7am the next day, with reeta darren and em!! it was tooo funny!! however after only 5 hours sleep I woke up and went to birmingham- what is actualy on my mind!! literally wheres my head at? Im on holiday next week sooo that will be nice Im going camping!! keeeping it reeeeeal!!!! yey!! any hoops, lots of love to all bbbyyyyyeeeeee

Friday, 31 July 2009

oooooo I absolutely looooovvvve this picture!! Ive been checkin out loadsa really cool crafty sights and its amazing the information out there in our world really!! you need tocheck all these amazing fab sights out- something to marval at reallly!! I am going to post all these websights to check out real soon!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

well hello boys and gurls, since my last blog, I havnt really had much to updat, apart from going on an amazing exhibition, which was sooo cool!! if you get a chance check out the welcome gallery in London, it has this amazing exhibition on art and mental helth, called mental health and me!! he pictures are just out of this world. Its about this female artist who was diagnosed with borderline multiple personality disorder, and shedicided to record it with pictures!! It was sooo good!!
On Monday night I went to manna- a raw food cafe in Brighton and the only raw food cafe in the uk!! there was a social night there which was really frickin cool!! I never got to see all of it due to me having to do the training at work and then walking there!! but we did see some amazing musicians there, which were really good!! and a harpist which to my astonishment had only been playing for a few months!! that was amazing huh!? Ive got my party top look forward to now, and am trying my hand at baking!! (o dear) if it all goes wrong I will buy the bloody cakes!! wish me luck!!

Friday, 3 July 2009

3times du-dududu-dududu!!

arghghghghgh¬¬ computers!! why is it when your really happy with something the computer deletes it for you!! this IS THE SECOND TIME I RIGHT THIS!! I have officially watched the film "anita and me" 3 times in a week!! Im turning into a child with thier favorite film!! I never do that!! but I do love it!! Ive just knitted my friend a prezzie!! the joys of the credit crunch ey? lol!! Im sooo old school!!
Niel is back too and we got to spend a lovely night together!! he was a day late!! but his flight was delayed by 22 hours-so Ill suppose Ill forgive him!!
My 3 day expidition was also a huge success! I walked 48km and have the worn heels to prove it!! we loved and... got lost!! and ended up celebrating in a carpark with ponys!! I hav decided to announce I am officailly a geek (and proud) I knit and enjoy walking!! but I dont even fit in that box- lol!! well its gay pride tommorrow and I dont know if I will be going!! I might just chill out in brighton and enjoy the sun!! naturally...

Monday, 29 June 2009

miniture garden

Hi fellow muggles!! Ive been making stuff again you'll be sorry to hear!! Ive made a miniture garden with my friend mel!! it was sooo much fun, I love doin shit like that..

deforestation in brazil where shoes come from

this is supporsed to be a video on the dforestation of brazils rainforest to make way for cattle- who supply us with trainers- quite shocking- but apparently allot of our shoes come form here!!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Well then my terrestial pals!! My life has can you say been once again to hectic at the moment, and being the solstice, what a nice time to reflect on this, its wierd how it always comes around so quickly!!
Niels birthday was bril!! had the brummie lot down, and we went on a big lemon bus to bodium castle, which was really cool, there was quite a few of us on the bus, and we had a lovely picnic, we ended the day in hastings, needless to say with more cider!! it was sooo funny, and chavy there!! I did really like it though strangely!
This week Ive been working at my friend kerrys school for a couple of days, helping out with arts week, which was really nice!! I was helping the little critters make carosel animals, it was really good fun!! I love doing things like that!!
Well Niels on holiday at the moment, and I have the masterful job of looking after the cats, and bbbboi they do not shut up!! they are never evr satisfied when it comes to their bellys!! Its really wierd him not being around though!! but Ive been keeping myself busy, next week Im goin to treck acrossthe newforest which is going to be amazing!!!! 3 days + camping!! Love it though!!! Its soo nice to be out in the country evn when you have your own body wiegt attatched to your back!!! ouch!!
Went upto Lewis road yesterday too, which was cool there is a guirilla garden in the old esso garage there, and they had a mini carnival, which was great!! community stuff is the way forward!! I felt so inspired that I went home and painted the skirting boards with flowers, and made a backing for the fire place that looks like fire tooo!! fun doing stuff like that!! I love my art!!
Anyway boys and gurls, tell me what you're up too too!! Id love to here... chow for now xx eden

Monday, 1 June 2009

eminem teabagd by bruno

this is the best
Finally a chance to chill relax unwind, I feel like I havnt sat down with nothing to do in sooo long- I forgot how nice it actually is. Ive been up and down the country over the bank holiday! Ive finally finished my compitition entry, been to gay pride, worked- lots and been to a japanese music festival ( for free I might add ) Im trying to get my duke of edinburghs award finished at the moment Ive been really busy, cuz I have to do so may things to get it done and finished!! all underneath a pink parasole with the sunshining through it, its good to wonder when it all gets too much how simple it could all be, but I like a challenge!!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Loving life!!
life is soo rich with so many different emotions feelings,
trascentental highs and dizzy lows, its what makes us human I suppose,
its great and fantastic that we have control of this!
we have control over feeling our own bliss,
I can choose whether to complain and frown
I can choose to let the world drag me down
But Im going to choose to beat a differnet drum
and Im going to drag up everyone
So Ill let my light shine into the world for now
then I know i would have made a difference somehow

Friday, 1 May 2009


whats a boy to do?????? been living back in brighton some time now, and experienced all the highs and lows of this lovely city and what it has to offer!! and it is a creazzy place!! and its may... where did that come about#@? what the fu'''''k!! and this month I will be absolutely spoilt for things to do with the festival!! the weather has been nice even though the weather reporters seem to want to make us think otherwise (where do they get off on that?)
Last weekend I did a lovely walk- which effectively crippeld me!! 25 miles accross ashdown forest in sussex!! that place is amazing!! and even more amazing to think after nearly 4years I havnt got off my arse and went down there!!! lol!! I am still feelin the reprocussions from it- for some crazy reason I did yoga on monday too!!!! lol!! Im a sucker for punishment!! I still have the real thing to do aswell- in june Ill be doing that 25 miles in one day- with a giant rucksack on my back- I better get trainin!!!
Happy May day everyone may the seeds you plant come to harvest for you, Love and peace x

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Its an oman!!!! wow, the prodigy are back!! Not a band I would say Id go and see usually but after a phone call from a friend with a spare ticket, and several reccomendations form friends (quite random- actually the weekend before I went!!) I had to go!!! I would reccomend anyone to go and see them!! even though they started up quite a while ago now they were right on form and BANG ON THE MARK in terms of being up to date!! SUMING UP THE EVENING-a mid week rave!!!! lol- AV IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

easter shinnanigans

Its funny how going back and reconnecting with where you grew up can bring you an enormous amount of inner peace, Im absolutely nackerd but immensily satisfied with myself and my life... even though I dont know where im going... lol!! going up to brum with neil on saturday with eggs in the boot of my car, and arrangements for me to be in moseley for 1.30 when I arrived in minworth at 1pm, with neil hungry, we had to eat didnt we? by the time we left in the car, it was only 1.30!! after a few frantic texts telling my friends we would be late, we arrrived at 2pm in the local weatherspoons- a hub of the local community Im sure you'll agree!?

I also got to catch the lovely reeta in brum, she came over and stayed in brum. My mom bless her cooked a three course for us all!! with chilled out with laid back tunes to listen too, while me and reeta made faces and proceeded to get drunker and drunker!! lol!! with the help of my moms cupious supply of beverage!! Neil passed out at 12 but we were going till way into the morning.

easter day was less than holy, but my last day and had to get myself over my hangover. I thought I was bad and then my sis lauren came in- now that was a sight!! a pale one at that, after stories also of throwing up in his bedroom- whilshe was in the room! apparently it smelt of shit!! and Im glad I wasnt there by the sound of it!! we had lots more food, before departing, and more dramas cuz neil had left the car lights on all night so the battery had run flat!! we had to jump star it!! lol!! how shameless were we!!

Now Im back on the coast, and Im soooo tierd! but Im not about to give away that spring feeling, and I have some wonderful memorys too!! theres always bank holiday monday to chill out!!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Lesbian Vampire Killers!!??!?!?!?!? wtf!! I have just read a review from it today and the other day from a lesbian reviewer""!! apparently its pretty awful!! at first I thought it was quite a funny idea but after readin it it sounds like its made for an iq of below 0!! for a start it victimises the gay community I understand that its abit of a laugh but it seems a lil bit shallow and steriotypical!! not that I give a shit about what other people think of me being gay... if you have an opinion on it plase wright to me xx

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Love it!!

Monday, 30 March 2009

chillin in this spring!! brightons a cool place this time of year- although you can never really tell whether the weather is going to be raining, sunny or what!! I have finally got over this stinkin bug- I must of slept over 15 hours last night- but I deffinetly needed it!! Ive got no plans as yet for today but Im definitely happy about that, Im not someone who needs constant attention Im happy listening to a missy ellliot track and chillin!! must keep you all updated on my art, at the moment Im doing a piece on some poetry- called the appointment, by ruth padel!! look it up Ill post the finished piece for sure. PEACE X