Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Yesterday I got the chance to go and see one of my favorite bands 30STM, and what a gig it was! Amazed in the first place that I actually got a ticket, I was going to be seated right in front of the stage. Of course I would have loved to have been standing to be even closer, and maybe even have a dance, but hey like I said I was Lucky!

The first two bands came and went with out much sweat lost on my behalf, and as it was about 9.30, and getting up to my bed time, I was feeling a little tierd even though I was going to be seeing the biggest hunk in Rock, Jared Leto. Now don't get me wrong and everything I love there new album, but its not intirely what I was expecting, theres some pretty cool tracks on there, but I was expecting something with a little bit more spunk in it. I don't know what you all think but sometimes when you go to a gig it can inspire you to buy albums, listen to albums more, OR even sometimes stop listenin to them. I was hoping for a little bit of inspiration, Inspiration is deffinetly one of 30STM key assets.

Opening the show with laser lights, and fantastic attention to detail, one after another they poured there music out to the croud who happily licked it up; I should know I was one of them. Highlights of these songs where Hurracane, This is War and The Kill. What I love about 30STM's songs are the themes of them, Inspiring, political, engaging, provocotive, In a world whos music produces the same old themes of Love, and how shit there life is now there love has gone etc., its nice to hear something a little bit different.

At one point during the show Jared was in the audience and started asking for requests, acousticly strumming out songs- it was a fucking show! All of a sudden the band where in the middle of the room, and Jared started climbing over everyones seat while he sung, the band rocked out, hanging off rails to the floor below, swinging around the room like some kind of monkey, eventually dropping down to the floor below whilst still singing- bizzare!! I litterally came within metres of him.

I know it sounds corney but they really blew me away, if you get the chance to see them in the future-do!

Forget U2 forget all the other bands that you like infact.. 30 seconds to mars are back

Monday, 22 February 2010

Movie Industry

Hello boys and girls, abit of a rant cuz Im abit fricking pissed over something!! lol!! I'm well excited for the New Tim Burton movie, "Alice in Wonderland" its been a long time coming and probably should have happened years ago; along corporate companies come (I know you can't get any more corporate than Disney!!) and try and ruin all the fun for us all!!
The Odeon cinema and some other big chains are REFUSING to show the new movie because Disney want to cut the amount of time between Theatre and DVD release to only 12 weeks. 12 weeks isn't that long or short I think its pretty reasonable, but it is going to affect allot of people, Video shops, DVD rental companies, and cinemas, if people have to pay so much money in the cinema to see a movie in 3D and they dont have to wait as long for it to come out on DVD they sure as hell are more likely to just wait and buy the frickin DVD!!
I can't really decide WHO actually is in the wrong here, I don't blame the companies for refusing to put on the film... but Disney are being a little bit (OK allot) firm on their decision of shortening the time of the film.
Last year the new Golden Compass film was prosponed indefinitely, because the American public complained so much that the film glorifies Atheism... hummmm I think not if anyone would actually have read the book, the undertone is about the church and how it has controlled us and our way of thinking for so long, the book is actually very spiritual and NOT about promoting atheism, this is another example of how Hollywood fuck things up... just because people don't agree perse in a particular film doesn't mean it shouldn't be made!!!
Anyway I just don't understand why people just don't get on with it; why when there is a market for things do corperate dogs have to get in there and want to make the biggest amount of money right away, can't they wait?? why do they have to fuck everything up for everyone else aswell, who is winning? and why does everything have to be so goddam politically correct for? If a movie doesn't agree with a particular thing on the news then it doesn't come out or gets prosponed so it doesn't affect "ratings" or doesn't cause offence
Maybe they just need to get on with it?
What do you think?
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alice in wonderland

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

ಲೋವೆರ್ಸ್ ಆಫ್ ಸಾಫ್ಟ್ ಹಂದ್ಸ್

Woop- does anyone hate the new fairy bottles, and just long for the "good ol days when we had the traditional old fashioned white style.. ooo what fun we had.. it provided many a crafty afternoon after watching blue peter!! did anyone make a rocket out of one!? what the hell can you make out of a newer one??

... If you love to reminise, REMINISE NO MORE!!! Fairy is now 50 years old and to celebrate it is bringing out the old bottle for a limited time only- so get down the shops and stock up.. I know I will!! xxxx


RIP McQueen, I have only just- Im a little slow I know- found out that the fashion designer alexander mcqueen is dead, He was found hanging in his wardrobe.How Tradgic!! For those of you that dont know alexander mcqueen is not only an absolute legend of fashion, but also a complete artist too. At the age of only 40 years of age this is a sad loss. But also I feel a time to reflect on this mans life and the inspirational figure that has inspired so much in people in the fashion industry, and to celebrate all his achievements in his life.

In life it is so easyt to do nothing to put off our dreams and ambitions, to sacrifice our dreams, and let them be stifiled, this isnt always our fault, but when someone difiantly stands up and goes for their dreams with all their might, I feel it shows us what we are ALL capable of.

During the brit awards 2010, Lady Gaga dedicated her performance to him, looking amazing as ususal!! but dont take my word for it get on to you tube and check out the performance yourselves!

Its easy to put on a mask (lady gaga will tell you) but follow your dreams what ever they maybe. ONE LIFE-we ought to live it

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy valentines!! Even though its only just over an hour and half to go just to wish you all a happy valentines, and hope you all had an amzing day!! My day was soo chilled out, I spent it meditating, doing art, campaigning out in the cold for 2 hours for greenpeace's new airplot campaign, and cooking- so really chilled and enjoyable! I cant understand why there wasnt any GOOD romance films on tonight though (do good films and romance go together?..hummm)

NEWSFLASH!! Its the start of the chinese newyear and it the new year is the metal tiger... whats interesting is Im a Rat, and Rats like to plan, tigers dont, apparently were all in for the unexpected this year and should "go with the flow" humm do you ever get the feeling that the year has got off to a bad start for you? I do.. but maybe I should ride the wave of the unexpected, and chil out a little?

Good tidings

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Im so fucking glad I dont live in Birmingham anymore, its soo fuckin ruff!!
especially when you have to catch the 26 bus from ward end with leapod print wellies on-dont even laugh
Thats nothing though me and my sister just had the biggest and MOST pointless arguement in the world!! we were both in tears- what the fuck is wrong with me lately Im so fucking emo!! Ive even started righting poetry!!

Bring back my brighton

new poem

Fragile like leaf on the ground with cracks running through it
its bruised and torn
but thats no reason to stop trusting
Ill carry on believing in the humanity of humanity
something inside me was born at my birth from the earth
I am the breath and the air that we are brething
I must start believing
Its so strong the urge to carry on, and pick myself up from the verge and the curbs
that I have climbed time and time again

Soon decomposition will take over my position
and turn my thoughts into pure and a more healthy composition


Monday, 8 February 2010

the real van Gogh- the artist and his letters review

For those of you who have never been to the royal acadamy in London, it is an absolutely beautiful old building, both inside and out, arriving for my 1st ever visit to the Royal acadamy I felt so excited in the que, aside from the fact that I have hardly ever qued for an exibit.

Ive always had a soft spot for van Gogh, influencing so many different art movements, it is hard to imagine art today without him. The first exhibit on van Gogh in a while, a new exibit, "the real van Gogh, the artist and his letters" fetures intimate and reflective letters by van Gogh, next to origianl drwings and paintings in a variety of media.

Dedicating himeslf to art much late in life, at the age of 27, and dieing 10 years later, his life was relatively short and his path in art even shorter, his journey was utterly unique. For anyone who has ever wondered abotu this great artist- the master and the madness, this exhibit shows a compleately new side to him.

Looking at the letters in the exhibit, he speaks of his fears that his art isn't good enough. What was also very interesting was the sketches in the letters, and the passion in which he wites in telling his friends and family about new sketches and art work. You can also see in this exhibit how much his style has changed, from the detailed sketches of his early beggings, to his later work being both more energetic and expressive. The sheer volume of work in this exhibit will blow your mind. Spending three hours there myself I can certainly tell you I wasnt bored, or have that feeling of art overload when I left.

One combination I love is Art and Mental health, and how the two relate. With this exhibition you deffinetley see this mans mind, but also what we seldom see, his humanity.

Get and see it befor its too late... ****

Friday, 5 February 2010


... basicly to cut a long story short greenpece have brought a plot of land on the proposed site of the third runway for heathrow-lol!! sign up to become a benificial owner of the plot!! on they have to contact EVERY benificial owner in order to build the runway greenpeace want 100,000 so far they are over half way there do them a favour and sign up it wont cost you anything!! It isnt about stopping flying its about no more new flights.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Hello people! Well Im feeling alot better and happier about things Ive just been to the cowely club, met friends, eaten good food, and had generally a really nice evening.

two things that have happened today:
-I booked a ticket to see 30 seconds to mars at wembely arena- Ive never been there before and Im uber excited

- I went to a greenpeace meeting and loved it. The vibe was relaxed and welcoming, and I found it alot more up my street with their campaign tacticts

to be honest Im still really upset over tuesdays meeting, and need sometime to get my head around it all, but Im sure Ill be fine

peace xx

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Dorian grey

Hello people!
Working at a bookshop parttime I have had the privalige of having new and wonderful books thrust into my hands, begging to influence my life in new adn exciting ways!!
The last book was litarally a classic!! I always knew oscar wilde was a geneous but dorian grey is a masterpeice!! What an uterlarly beautiful piece of writing!! One of the quotes that stuck with me is "there is no such thing as a good infleuence" This certainly summed up for me the moral of the whole book!!
For anyonewho is put off by reading classic literiture, read Dorian Grey!! It will ultimetly win your mind, heart.. but hopefully wont steal your soul..
anyone whos read this amazing book please leave a comment it would be great to hear what other people thought of it. Im looking forward to watching the film

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

REVALATION- Things are not what they seem, some people have there own agenda!!

Going to the climate camp meeting last night I finally realised that climate camp is not about climate camp!! people have there own agenda, Im not saying its not a good thing and there are so many nice people involved in it, but I feel the main point in it is ANGRY ANARCHI!! Which I feel really sad and let down about, because its something I feel really strongly about. Basicly I had an idea about bringing up climate issues at the general elctions in may.. all people wanted to talk about was things that are debateable on whether it will change anything... I was along the same lines as not many people in that building it was really sad. I was told that that isnt what climate camp was about- IF THIS ISNT WHAT CLIMATE CAMP IS ABOUT THEN WHAT IS IT ABOUT? but it also great because I know now that what it was about is a lie, and I can move on and do something more forfilling with my time
wow finally I get to write my blog, countless times I have clicked on the new post button.. tried to write something but nothing comes out... I feel its because I havnt actually allowed myself to sit down and rest!!

Just producing more hands for my project and having fun doing it!! I got my dyslexia assesment back so hopefully I can get funding for that too..

Ive also been feeling really anxious over my personal impact with climate change, I know Im compleatly at square one in terms of learning more about it and what I am to do, but Im just one of those people who wants to see an instant change- something that just isnt going to happen!! Putting too much presure on myself to do everything, and then the reality is that I dont get anything done!! lol!! o well at least I can laugh at myself!!

Some of you will know I am involved in couchsurfing- and internet community who help to bring people together through kipping on someones couch, you create a profile and people can experience a new place in a different way, helping to provide an instant friend!! :-) I however as yet have not actually had anyone kip on my couch yet, but I have met some really cool people through it!! A girl who I met the other week-eli from barcelona, who I went to the royal pavilian on a free day and another guy called cosimo from rome went to the infamous cowely club to enjoy some all male caberet!! THIS WAS NOT A NORMAL CABERET- may I add that Nothing is normal in the cowely club!! there was a hilarious skit in which a man in a thong stuck red ballons to himself.. and then proceeded to pop.. all but one which he let into the air..with his thong attatched, a man on a ukelele who apparently knew where the ladybirds go when its cold outside... its a secret but Ill tell u anyway..they are under his stairs (there where many more acts too). I know its wierd but its one of those things you kind of had to be there for!!

Ive got loads planned for this week-Im going to see a van Gogh exhibition in London, also a Charlie Chaplin one too!! How exciting!! and my sisters finally accepted my invite to come down to brighton and enjoy herself!! Ive only been here 4years so its about time, bearing in mind she only lives in Birmingham which is 3 hours Ill have lots to fill you in on!!
any hoot.. a tip -look at the noisettes on youtube, they are and Ive just brought tickets to see them!! yey!!

send me a message and tell me all your hottest gossip I want to here all!!