Thursday, 29 April 2010

invade invade

Who would want to take us over? Acording to the scientist Stephan Hawkins- the truth could be out there and we should be beware!! In a recent article Hawkins said that we should be aware of trying to contact life on other planets, because it is most likely to be unfriendly and wanting to drain the resources we have here on earth.

Now dont get me wrong Im loving my life here, but if I was a species from another planet I would be aware of trying to contact US never mind the other way around.

Like I have said before our planets resources are running low- I think they would have far more to fear from us than the other way around. It is also a fairly limiting view to believe that being a human with all our faults is the only way to be. There are so many emotions that we as humans experience- now forget labels-some are destructive and some are productive, both to our state of mind and to the planet. Surely it must be possible for another species to be less destructive and actually think of the planet as a living thing- we've all seen Avatar right? excuse the pun-but looking after our planet is not "rocket science" if we want to live on this planet for a while we have to learn to look after it.

We are still very much a primitive species, we have come part of the way but we still have a long way to go. Isn't it right that we only use a very small proportion of our brain? what the hell is the rest of it for? and if there is life on other planets why is it not possible that it already knows we're here, and keeping us- the rowdy teenager in check? which I would consider alot more possible.. so yes proff I think it is possible for there to be negitive forces in the universe, but its just as possible for a positive force to be out there too...

Monday, 19 April 2010

Peak Oil

Hi bloggies, yesterday was quite an amazing day for me,

#1- It was hot- a definite plus
#2- Me and Neil got to have a lovely walk to hove
#3- It was the Brighton Marathon- theres nothing more inspiring than seeing someone do something that should be impossible- either for themselves or for a charity- if you have done it I SALUTE YOU!!

I also went to see an environmental film called a crude awakening! Well being into environmental issues these days sure can stir up some controversy- I mean I was just talking the other day- if you where a shirt saying something that might be abit progressive like "save the planet" or something or possibly even "recycle"- you inevitably get someone wanting to force there opinions down your throught- and usually they are talking bollocks-hehe, hence I don't where shirt's like that! Even though I live in quite a liberal place, peoples views on climate change are so mixed.

The film was about Peak oil. I have spoken on this blog about the illusions we live in, Peak Oil is important to everyone on this planet, why are we not doing anything about it? we have plunged our sources right down and are now in Iraq getting there oil, and Saudi Oil also. Going into ever more dangerous countries in a quest to save our way of life. Western culture is seen as the perfect choice for developing nations- who would choose to live in poverty? People in developing nations are demanding oil, wanting it cheap and fast, but it isn't going to last forever is it? Oil runs out, and we may have already reached peak oil. How long can we sustain our way of life? When is the transition going to happen?

I feel that there is so much mixed messages with climate change- hence feeling confused with the reality of it I can understand. But just taking this issue separately from this for a minute, we are living in a bubble that is about to be burst. We are facing in the future the reality of war on oil, countries facing depleted stocks, lets get things straight- OIL is in everything!! even the vegetables harvested would not be there in there numbers if it wernt for the machinery in the fields chugging away to get them in, packaging machinery does allot of work for us now too. So it makes total sense Canada digging up there tar sands doesn't it? were running out of oil, and what makes it worse is that we arnt being told the facts, and arnt trying to limit the amount we us very well either. If oil runs out you can sure bet there wont be any big summer flights- there may not be any flights at all... so even if you are confused in climate change I'm sure you can appreciate the fact that even this on its own is threatening our way of life- not to mention how much pollution it causes. I think climate change needs to be a bigger issue, why arnt polititions placing it higher on there bills? it may soon be to late...

Friday, 16 April 2010

shake up that dusty rug

Isn't life a funny thing guys and girls? I don't know about you but I'm endlessly trying to balance up my life, and trying to weigh up my priorities in my brain. Last year was such a productive one for me in terms of doing things and starting new things. This year- on a smaller scale is pretty much the same. One things for sure I want to spring clean my life- shake that rug up! I hope to get more involved in green issues- I have just signed up to transition Brighton and hove, and hope to go to a local community project to grow some veg- yummy, I can already smell the soup. It takes alot of strength to start something new- I read a quote once-

"it takes all the strength you can muster to keep in the same place, if you want to get anywhere else you got to move twice as fast."

That quote pretty much rings true for me- sometimes- not all of the time. But I think to move forward in life and to grow and change takes tremendous strength

Ive been reading, and taking to people lately on climate change. I read an article by John Bird on how our government don't really tell us the facts. We are all so bloody confused in this world, listening to gossip from the media, as to what is affecting our day to day lives, the fact is there are so many people my age that don't even vote- its my 1st time voting this year too ;-) Its up to our generation to make changes in our society, its up to us, to lobby and speak up on climate change- and to vote too. There are so many groups out there to get involved with, or if you don't have time, donate, its so rewarding and I don't know a better feeling to know that you are giving something back. You don't have to be a slave to the system- we can speak out. Remember you can either moan or act! (occasionally both) Our world is changing and its time for the way we live our lives to change, and the way the system works.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Realise that the world doesn't revolve around you
Everyone is important
Smile- it can make someones day
Peace starts with yourself
Empathy is having understanding to actions
Compassion is caring in action
Together we can make a change

Monday, 12 April 2010

pics from walk

dawn madness

A dawn walk extravaganza! This morning I was up BEFORE the crack of dawn to prctice walking Atom the giant puppet for the childrens parade at the start of may. Wow who would of thought.. me up at 4am when I dont need to! We went up to Devils Dyke, which is one of the highest peaks around Brighton, and watched the sun come up... the wind was soo cold though and I ended up not being able to feel my hands- it was all worth it. Like I said in my last blog- a Diciplined mind pays off- the hot chocolate and croissont surely helped when we got up there though- and surely some gloves would have helped too!

Monday, 5 April 2010

a road less traveled

hello bloggies!! well what a week, I finished college on Wednesday, and haven't done any work since, and boy do I miss it! Ive been having fun over Easter though, as I'm sure you all have!?

Lately Ive been questioning quite allot over my life, of course going through something so big at university is going to make you do that. I'm also ready to change and grow, I want to leave behind the past and move forward into the future. This week Ive started reading "the road less traveled" it written by a therapist, some of you may or may not know I want to be a therapist to one day. In the book he talks about the changes we all face and the need for discipline on our path through life. This really struck a cord with me. Am I disciplined? Well I cant say yes, but I'm not lazy either. I continually get side tracked (I'm sure I'm not the only one) along the way, I want to do everything. grab the bull by both horns, and the tail too. But I'm not realistic in thinking this is going to promote a successful life. So now I am left with the task of trying to be disciplined and sticking to my aims and goals in life, sure they will change, and its good to have at least some spontaneity, but more importantly for me is I want a successful life, and I want my life to work.

We can't see were we are going to end up in life, but we all have ideas and aspirations for our lives. I know it isn't going to be an easy road for change, (although Ive still got my hopes) but what makes us different as human beings is to choose our directions and control our urges.. in this way I think a "leopard can't change its spots" is meant for a leopard and not a human. Like a butterfly we can all shed the old lives when it is necessary and stop crawing on the ground and fly. I want to fly

hope you have all had a lovely Easter
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