Monday, 29 November 2010

Community Garden!!

Brilliant! We might just get a community garden!! This is good news! Why? because, it means learning for the community, the joy and fun of getting involved mucking in and getting our hands dirty!! The proposed site will be in Queens park, a fabulous place at the top of Hanover in Brighton. Currently we are going through all the checks, to make sure its all OK to go ahead, applying for grants, and getting excited in the process. It also means the possibility of marking off one more of my to do list!! Grow my own food, apart from it will be a few of us!! yeah!! its gonna be ace, fingers crossed for us that we get it!! People interested in the project, and wanting to get involved, in creating potential workshops, or just generally mucking in should email mei-wah,

Check out the pics:

Saturday, 27 November 2010

why I blog

Why did I start blogging? Well ever the one to ramble on, and loving writing my own stuff, and wanting to keep the world updated with my antics also. I decided to go for it, and make a blog. My blog has totally been a journey, Ive used it to review to post things up and also tread that fine line of hanging out my dirty washing in public... always a funny adventure, Ive used it to grow up, and also I hope to inspire others.

Things change though the same as people do, Ive been on and off 20 something bloggers, promoting my blog, but I love to know the feeling that people I know are reading my blog, it is a great feeling that. Yeah I might not be the most consistent blogger out there but I do love it. Its great random strangers reading my blog, but it must be quite boring if you don't know the person, and I know I want this blog to be about lots of things- not just one thing, although I'm sometimes not sure what threads it all together, that's me. Are we all not like that? The answers probably no and that is what makes the blogging community so brilliant and interesting, we are all so different.

I put a post up a few months ago on 20sb regarding why people stat blogging, there was such a varied response. It seems that there was alot of people just wanting to vent themselves and have a place to feel heard! Writing for me is so theraputic, theres no judgement you can just keep going, not worrying what the other person might think, but I also don't want to be just posting "my all" up here- Ill leave that for my diary!! (or should I call it verbal-diary-a)

Anyway, leave a comment or funny response should you be inclined to do so below, xxx

Thursday, 25 November 2010


What should we think as what we know and love falls around us?

fact: Our world is changing, the shit has finally hit the fan. In light of the recent protests across the UK, over well... everything! But being a student I can definitely understand more whats going on from that side of the dice. We are now going to be forced to pay excessive fees to go to to university, a rite that should not be denied to us. I wouldn't be able to go to university if it wasn't for the subsidise from the government, I mean really, I don't want to be in debt for the rest of my life.

We are paying for the debts of our past generations, proof that capitalism left uncapped isn't working, the fact that our whole banking system is just about had it, and the state has had to take control of it, a state that allows the likes of Vodaphone to get away with taxes (taxes that we all have to pay) and the bankers still getting their juicy bonuses, whilst the rest of us get dealt this??

What makes it worse is that we are led to believe this is a good thing, "its for the best" hummm I don't think so. By the time I'm ready to retire I'm not sure they'll even be such a thing, its all so very Orwellian!!

Soo what are the other options? Well we can either carry on the way we are, making more cuts and dragging this dead horse through the market, or we can actually start to see this for what it is, and change the system. Uncapped growth is crazy and its putting all our futures and future generations at stake both financially and environmentally. Its all very well making cuts, but were does it end, and who pays the price??

I was in Brighton yesterday for the student marches and I was abit worried, I even heard a Police man say that they were under prepared for the protest- really? I'm shocked!! I mean it was a publicised event, why were they not prepared? In London a Police van was hijacked, that was left unattended, the police never went to get it, again suspect. I believe our civil liberties are under threat at the moment, if Police can sort out football riots whats stopping them sorting this out? Ill leave you to figure that one out.. Protesters are beginning to be given a bad name, Ive lost count how many face book updates with people moaning about protesters, the news and media are also running riot with it at the moment. I hope people see that it is their right and they should stand up and say, enough is enough, this government needs to live up to their promises. Its why we voted (well not me exactly) them in the first place, and now, we are being lied and manipulated against.

So people, find your own voice, and shout, this is why we pay taxes, we don't pay this much tax to get dealt this hand. It is not what we deserve.

Please leave a comment below telling me your thoughts and views, even if it is aginst mine, Id love to hear from you!

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Im back!! The crazy fantastic time its been.... Although short it was certainly eventful...

My time started at 3am in the morning, me having to wake up to get my plane, thetrain was full of drunken louts, not something I wanted at that time in the morning I can tell you- but hey! To be fair I did do ALOT of waiting around and ALOT of traveling! But it was worth it. 10 hours later I arrived in Cordoba- a beautiful city in Analucia and the home of my friend Joel! We went for a lovely walk along the river had Morrocan spiced tea, and some lovely soup- curtoisy of Joel, had a fantastic afternoon all in all, meeting his flatmats and relaxing on the sunterrace (with his lovely dog too...awww)

I had to have a sleep too- we had a long night ahead of us!! I had a fantastico night!! We danced until the early hours- met loads of people. Exept when I left the club, minus my friend- whom I couldnt find, minus my coat, and my sobriety! OMG, i WAS SO DRUNK!! I couldnt ring my friend either and couldnt remember where he lived, in the end I ended up geting in a taxi and somehow thinking it would be a good idea to sleep in the train station... what was I thinking!>? OMG i WAS IN A PICKLE.. and considering I didn't have a coat either, I had to stay in cafes drinking expensive coffee and sleeping, how grim!! In the morning, I managed to buy a hoody, and catch a bus into the centre of Cordoba, find my friend (somehow I managed to remember where he lived!!) I gave him a good telling off for going missing nd leaving me I can tell you!

Needless to say it was all good in the end, we went to the Mesquita- a impressive mosque with a church in the middle- take that Osama!! Well on a serious note, to be fair it was abit weird! it was kind of like abit strange that they did it, I'm not religious, but I would recommend a trip just to see it, Cordoba historic centre is UNESCO world heritage site, so you kind of get the picture when I say, GO!!

I had to go back to Malaga though at 5pm, I somehow managed to loose my ticket, but Joel fort my battles and got me on the coach, I was soo tierd though I went straight to my room and to bed.. no going out, despite the opportunity for a pub crawl! The next morning I woke up, and found out that one of the guys from the pub crawl went missing and ended up in hospital after being beaten up in an allyway!! This could have been me, it really hit home, kind of how stupid and under prepared Id been on the whole trip, you cant rely on people to look after you people- you have to have back up plans!!

Hey though a lesson learned is better than being robbed huh? I loved Cordoba, despite the rain, I want to go back now.. maybe in the summer though... catch up soon xxx

Monday, 15 November 2010

Im sorry!!

Soo sorry for the lack of posts in the last week and a half- believe me Ive felt guilty everyday for it! What with my jetsetter life style its hard to keep up (he says with a tongue in cheek! Alls well here, am still settling into my new place. Ive been ill, went out and had a groovy time- check out my-single-self!! Im quite excited to be going to Cordoba on Friday- Omg- am I!!! Bonfire night was also brilliant! and Ive now found a Latin dance class at my gym- with possibly the hottest latin dancer ever- although I do need to go to my gym more!! Ive got loads to write about any way.. heres some photos of my current work for uni that Im doing at the moment.. they are entitled, "kitch dolls" Basically Im going to be performing a short film, with random craziness- It will only be a short film, but its a start huh? and it will be one to mark off my list too!! Leave a comment and tell me what you think, Im also changing the Interesting things at the top there so check it out! please feel free to leave a comment or tell me off for not writing anything!... xxxx