Tuesday, 23 October 2012

postcards Ive made

Here are some postcards I made yesterday! They go in the post tomorrow with the intention of brightening somebodys day- I requested that people comment on my facebook account saying if they wanted me to make them a postcard- but I could only make 5... otherwise I would have been there for a while! and it would have cost me alot of money in stamps too :p if u recieve one it would be great for you to comment! (I realise theres more than 5- but I couldnt resist! Let me know what you think xxx

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Time goes so fast as it always goes,
don't we know?
our own hands,
our life long batteries,
until the end,
people drift in and out, but stay strong,
in my mind forever

The wind it moves me,
and blows me where he wants to go,
he never stops,
I don't know if he realises,
like I do,
Down Spanish steps that go on forever,
In the Rome of my mind,
History repeats itself,
In our minds
and the games it plays,
when Im not in this moment,
and in the here and now,
its all we have

Autumn leaves on the steps
stay strong,
try not to brown at the edges and sludge up,
orange and burgudy,
colours rich and dancing free,
until skelentons

and we're all trying to find meaning
and we all want a friend
to say hi to

The precious ticking,
our precious and precarious,
glass face,
and cogs
and wheels
our gift of time