Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween readers, its official tomorrow is November, the nights are getting shorter by the day.. This week has had me all over this country it has been amazing to visit Birmingham and see all my friends, today it is soo nice to be relaxing at home however, sometimes I just need time to myself, recharge, before I go charging off again.

Last night was White Night here in Brighton, an arts festival, with crazy visual happenings going on all round the city, I spent the majority of the night relaxing and catching up with friends down at >compARTment , an arts collective that have taken over derilict space in Brightons Open Market, and are all working together to make Brighton the ever fun place it is to live, the great thing about it though is that it had a really community feel to it, which I love and thrive upon,with Live music, an outdoor cinema space, food, wine, theatre, free screenprinting, glassmaking workshops and so much more. Brilliant.

I was working however the next day so I was on my best behavior I can promise you.. What did anyone else get upto?

Im also having abit of trouble with public transport of late... Im loosing tickets left right and centre (In Birmingham I lost my card and ended up having to buy another ticket- bummer)and today I even managed to get on the wrong train and end up at the airport.. which would have been funny was I not already late with my phone not waking me up.. technology.. who ever heard of an automaticaly updating phone for daylight saving?.. its just too advanced for me ;P and for that matter why do we even have daylight saving? Needless to say my supervisor, being much more dedicated to Waterstones than me was not pleased in the slightest, I felt so bad... but I also just wanted my bed. hehe

Anyway Im off to carve myself a pumpkin!! Happy halloween readers.. speak to you soon!!

Friday, 29 October 2010

127 HOURS - Full Length Official Trailer HD

This film looks amazing, I absolutely love Danny Boyle, and cant wait to see it!! Also James Franco is my new No1 hottie!! I love him in Eat pray Love too!!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

creative residency

Well its been a crazy few days, I've just got back from the puppet residency in Chatham near London where I've been since sunday, I've had a fantastic time literally in the old boat docks, surrounded by history. What I most enjoyed about it was everybody's ability to really work together. We saw the puppets grow from nothing in to something quite amazing, and I even had to leave early! By the end of tuesday, we had all achieved making the skeleton structure, were starting to create the skin and was really moving forward.
What was really hilarious about it all was the production line quality of it. We managed to make 5 puppets that really were starting to look brilliant. For people interested in this project please check out kinetica and same skys website and tell me what you think.
All of this is culminating for 2012 where our hub (one of 5) the environment will be hosting a festival called 12volts in sussex to encourage young people to the imaginatively about sustainability and the environment.
I can't wait to see the videos of them all moving and finished- and know that I was part of it all and helped make it happen! Big love to everyone involved and will post the pictures very soon for you all to have a look at! And I myself feel so grateful to be inspired in such an amazing and life changing project. Feel free to leave a comment Xx luke

Saturday, 23 October 2010

top 3 websites

3 websites that have changed my life!


I love receiving mail, but all I ever get is bank statements, this project of sending random postcards across the world, and receiving random postcards, has made my postbox extraordinarily happy!


Of course the Love me or hate me facebook site! Wow.. fancy being nosey? we all do.. this website is fantastic, upload all your photos, comment, and stay in touch, reconnect, and update each other, with friends that you may have thought were gone from your life forever.


Fantastic website that completely changed my year this year. It had me opening my front doors to strangers, for a free place to stay, and I in turn had a free place to stay whilst traveling this summer. I completely recommend this website for anyone with an open heart, and an open mind.

Whats your top 3?? remember it can be anything! Leave a comment below, and check these websites out!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Charlie.... you look like you have just seen a ghost...

Well I did it!! I went to see Charlie st. Cloud, with the heart throb that is- Zac Effron!! Wow, almost every screen was like an OGASAM for me- ESPECIALLY when he took his top off!! wow!! he is some hunk!! My friend who I was with didnt think too much of it, but I loved it- if you loved the series the Ghost whisperer (and possibly twilight fans too) you will love this film!! At one point in the film a couple even walked out!! and it was in this kind of like cupboard in the back rather than a big screen with a 5.40pm showing for the evening... well I think Zac deserves more than that!!- quite funny really though... Also the place where it is shot is absolutely beautiful! Beware though if you dont like cheesey movies steer clear- this one tops them all!!!

Last weekend was also a bit of a crazy one with my mom and her gang down from Birmingham, I showed them my new place and showed them the sights (well the local pubs) around here!! we also went to see some live music at a crazy Lovely place in the North Laine! All my friends were out in force too which was great, cuz atm I need a good ol' cheer up!! :) This week has been a chilled one, Ive catched up on sleep, and booked a ticket to go and see a friend in Andaucia,(Cordoba to be exact) which Im sooo excited for next month!! that is deffinetly going to be a good trip and one to mark off my list (see 20 things to do b4 Im 30).. well almost.. I still have to go and see my friend eli at some point in the fabulous Barcelona!! Obviously I miss both of them here in Brighton, but its great knowing you have lovely friends to visit in hot places...

Im also going to be volunteering next week to in London to help make a giant puppet- I cant wait for that one! Ill keep you posted with photos and gossip from the up and coming week!! well catch up soon.. Luke xx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

yoko loco?

I think I know what my next essay is going to be about- the lovely yoko ono! She is some woman! Here's a quote I liked from her-
Water talk-
You are water
I'm water
We're all water in different containers
Someday we'll evaporate together
But even after the water is gone
Well probably point to the containers and say,
"That's me there, that one"
We're container minders

In a word- genius!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Our views on sex..

As this blogs theme begins to get more apparent, in exposing honestly about my life, reflections, and opinions. Writing this blog has also been a tool for change in for reflecting on MY life, and I hope to inspire different ideas in others, even if you don't necessarily agree with what I have to say.

This is a post Ive been meaning to write for a while and now I feel ready to share my opinions on this subject. Becoming single again is weird enough, but we are constantly bombarded with sex everyday, its used to sell products, the clothes we wear, lifestyles, it influences our decisions all the time. Theres now an array of films, Sex and the city, Desperate house wives etc. that show that women also have sex drives too,(gasp) and have allowed our generation to speak about sex more openly and honestly, not just for men in pool halls and gym changing rooms. After reading Wetlands by Charlotte Roche earlier tis year, it really touched me and made me think about my views on sex sexuality and the things that I consider a taboo. But also essentially our primal nature and desire for sex.

Growing up going to a Catholic school I certainly know how it feels to be sexually repressed. It seems like for some of us, it is still such a taboo. Although we hear the S-word everywhere nowadays, I know I can sometimes feel crude talking about it.

The past few years for me has been a time when I can say I have been experimental in my sex life, being in a relationship sometimes does that for you and sharing and experimenting together with someone you trust can be so fulfilling. My views of sexuality are changing...

I was reading a post recently about the male menstruation cycle.. theres certain times of the mont when all you can think about and all you want to do is ave sex. Yes we can have sexually active lives, but where do we draw the line? I want an active sex life, but sex for me is more than just about a fuck, sure its great at the time, but I feel even greater when its more, because for me its about sharing something special and intimate with another.

The urge to control our sex drives can sometimes seem like an inner tug of war.. especially if you have a high sex drive. But we should all be more honest and talk about sex more, its part of our lives and something we think about all the time, shouldn't we be celebrating our sexuality?

I love earth religions like paganism, which acceptors and celebrates sexuality in all its forms. Alot of tribal cultures around the world celebrated sexuality and didn't she away from it, until Christianity came and told them they should be ashamed of there sexualities. I went a few years ago to the temples of the karmasutra in India- now that's a country that respects sex- anyone that can prolong sex for hours at a time certainly gets my hats off.

What are your taboos? Do you feel comfortable about talking about sex, or do you feel its just going too far? or have you recently read something to change your mind? Leave me a comment telling me your views on the subject below...
thanx xxx

Friday, 15 October 2010

Frieze.. put your hands in the air

Blogs away!!! I almost never got time to write this post what with my mom and friends coming down, lack of computer at my new house etc. But there we go..

Yesterday I went to the Frieze Art fair in London Regency park.. I was very very impressed. What I love about London is the sheer diversity of people here, different skin colours and tones from all over the world, faces, personalities, body's, and the fashion here, its all so diverse and so hard to label a "Londoner" because "Londoners" are international people. Now Frieze is a totally different kettle of fish, it makes art as big business, theres people here from all over the world, showcasing both international art and international galleries. Theres a huge sculpture park to see- for free!! but you have to pay to see the art within.

As someone who at this moment would consider myself an artist, but who doesn't really connect with that world, of art as big business, I still took alot out of it going, its £15 to get in and is open for the rest of the weekend, if you get a chance pop up and have a look... its definitely worth the trouble. You will get to feel, whats "Hot" in Fine Art at the moment, and spend an few hours doing something you love.. heres some pics from my travels:

The Art walks around

Modern Art is Rubbish- and also burbs and moves..

Fags for nothing

I am the egg man

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The 20 something bucket list

Hi! My move went well, Although I'm currently sleeping on a blowup mattress that when I wake up I seem to be lying on the floor... lets just say its not a very good 1 ey? I just went to the gym and did my first Hip Hop dance class too!! It was soo good, even if the moves were little fast for me to keep up with.

Also, its time to CELLLLEBRATTTE CELEBRATING THE FACT Ive actually past the 100 post mark, what does this mean??? does this mean Im a "serious blogger?? errr maybe...

Well after looking at website a website for 20 something bloggers, people are always posting crazy tasks for each other.. one of which was 20 things to do before Im 30.. sooo here I go..

1- Go on a poetry course and start writing

2- Learn a language

3- Volunteer at an animal sanctuary

4- Study further after my course to become an Art Therapist

5- Go back to New york

6- Travel around America, taking in...
.The Grand Canyon
.The Mardi Gras in New Orleans
.See traditional blues in the Deep south

7-Tour Southern Africa and trek Kilimanjaro

8- Visit Australia and see my friends

9- Exhibit my work at a gallery

10- Buy a caravan and live in it

11- Make a film

12- Go on an activist training course with Greenpeace

13- Own a dog

14- Grow my own food

15- Visit the Edinburgh fringe festival

16- See Finland in the snow, including the northern lights

17- Volunteer for the Samaritans

18- Visit Canada and see Natalie

19- Visit Spain and visit my friends there

20- Create a website for my art.

I will make a separate page for these too, and endeavour to make them happen... I love having ambitions for things... even if they don't always happen....

If you have made a similar list or feel inspired to do so.. leave a comment or a link to your page below....

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

3 things

I'm moving today. currently I'm sitting on the floor on my lap top with boxes lying around me waiting for help to arrive and take me to my new house. Although its excited, it seems that this time has been abit of a build up, a road that hasn't been exactly easy.

I absolutely love change but I also tend to avoid those big life changing decisions until I have no other choice but to do them. When faced with huge change it seems that there is also the potential for new growth, spiritually, and mentally, that I for one am not ashamed to admit I'm afraid of. A friend of mine has a theory of pebble rock boulder, that life has a way of guiding you, and giving you hints along the way, some hints don't go away, turn into rocks ie. big hints and eventually turn into boulders, where you have no choice, to in my case move.

Im afraid because...
1* Financially its going to cost me more money.
2* Im scared of the change of my life, my life becoming unpredictable
3* Being single

...well I hope this is normal anyway, surely we've all went through big changes at some stage?

Leave a comment telling me when you was faced with a big life changing decision you had to make below........

Monday, 11 October 2010

Charlie St. Cloud Official Trailer (HD) - Zac Efron

Eat, pray, love

Yesterday I went to see the resent "Eat, Pray, Love" I was hoping on going with someone other than myself, but it seemed that people were otherwise engaged so I was destined to go on my own. A few things to note before you watch this movie...

* Not everyone will like this movie.. why.. some people may feel it abit sappy, a girl trying to "find" herself after a divorce
* You may want to go traveling after seeing this movie
* This film will have you laughing, crying and feeling uplifted, its one of those like slum dog millionaire that even though at times is sad, you can still leave feeling happy.

Julia Roberts the star of the show, of course the epitome of the stereotypical fiercely independent strong American woman. She stars as Liz Gilbert, adapted from the memoir the book of the same title. The film sees her and her traveling around the globe after realising her year long marriage that she thought she wanted.. actually isn't what she wants anymore.. She jets off to Rome.. for the food... India to find God at an Ashram...and Bali where she finds Love.

Being someone that's definitely into self betterment in a big way, having went through my own sort of "wake up call" at 19, and seeing that the world really is more than what we think... that for the most part WE are the creators. I loved and connected with the message of Liz going on her quest to find herself. Plus given the cast of Hot male characters.. and the fact that its cheesy.. but not overly so, it was always going to be a winner in my eyes.

I also Loved the strong Feminist thread rolling through the film, that it is OK for a woman to be single and happy, and that she doesn't need a relationship to be happy.

Yeah of course I'm biased though because its my type of film.. has anyone been to see it that didn't like it or was pleasantly surprised? leave a comment below....

Talking of babes check out the new trailer for Charlie st. Cloud... Zac Effron, what a hunk!! mmm well that's one I'm looking forward to...

Saturday, 9 October 2010

desision desisions!!

Ow yeah!!! Here I go again!! a week since my last post now, and a very mixed week at that. At the moment me and Neil are no longer together. After alot of talking and alot of deciding. I think its best to look after myself. so Im moving!! This week I wont lie, has been a tuffy!! loads of things on my mind, but I have been unhappy for a while, and I dont want to stay in a situation like that anymore!! We are still going to be top top friends though, and he is a great guy- but it just doesn't work on a relationship level..

Soo Ive been looking at a place for a while, and Ive finally found a lovely room sharing with a friend of a friend called Helen, shes lovely and crafty (likes making things) like me!! sooo no doubt we'll be avoiding the needles lodged in the carpets and picking cupcake crumbs off the floors constantly!! yey!! and the fact its 2 minutes from my old place and got loads of botiquey type shops aswel as being 2 minutes from the beach!!! :)

My friend Carise has been down from Sheffield too, and it has actually been nice weather down here atm, soo we had fish and chips on the beach, which was amazing!! We met at Glastonbury festival this year and She is such an amazing Friend. Definitely like we have always known each other or something!!

Ive also been hard at work, after having a major bitch fit early this week, over the thought I wasn't doing enough work. Now I'm on it and ready to go!! :) Ive just been making Santa's all this week- Ive just made one stuck up the chimney!! achoooo!! they are getting better too which is good, considering my sewing is quite basic!! :) anyway, speak to you all soon blog buddies, Luke xxx

Sunday, 3 October 2010


Cool!! Sorry to be so cheesy but hello blog buddies! Im here today after only leaving the house once, from my day filled with Art and Film watching. My project at the moment for college has meant me making Kitch dolls. Im really enjoying this feat!! Ive made 3 soo far. But I have been very busy this week with lots of different things going on. The guilt has finnally meant me staying in for a whole day and working hard, Im now determind not to loose balance again and to keep on track with things.

Well Sheffield was lovely, at the moment though England is exceptionally rainy which meant it was kind of a wash out! I saw some amazing sculpture though and brought some cool dvds... finnally brought Avatar... how good is that film? Ive brought Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and Waynes world!! Which are all ace films!! I want to Build my DVD colection up with some really worthy DVDs!! I Love film!! and I want to make time for them!! O and recently I also brought MORE Ali Mc Beal!! Whom I love!! Claista Flockheart!! She is soo funny!! I know its an old series, but Ive recently rekindled my love for it!! and I want more!! So your likely to find me curled up in a ball of paper mache watching TV for the next month!! :)

Ive got lots on my mind lately with home life, I will be moving soon I hope. Im really excited for the change in the spinning wheel of life, that seems to be ever turning, whether we like it or not. Ive been avoiding this for a long time, but its finally time to accept a new phase of my life!

Gosh time seems to be flying by aswell, Octobers just begun, and before long it will be Novemeber... it seems soo wierd!! Im so greatful this year has been so amazing though and Ive had soo much fun! Anyway, hope you are all enjoying yourselves?

Ive also made some changes to my blog and added a few new pages, Feel free to check them out to and leave a comment..

Ciao!! xx

Friday, 1 October 2010

have you ever done it with a girl?

"Have you ever been with a girl?" Is a Question I'm often asked by my female friends, and Yes I have been with girls and had girl friends until I was 19 but excuse me once you've had cock there's no going back! ;-) I suppose its just natural innocent curiosity and nothing more, but its a question that annoys me. When I say yes I then tell them that no I don't think I would go there again. I think you can never be sure thou, sexuality is such a complex and dynamic thing that we are still soo afraid of and place soo much of our identity- money- and time trying to concrete

I think its funny though how we are curious to what makes these apparent "decisions" its not like I ever woke up and thought, "I know- a really good idea- I'm going to be gay" can't we all just accept people as they come? Yeah I'm gay and I don't continually ask all my straight friends if they would sleep with the same sex. Or maybe.. I should, ruffle them up abit!! Mmm give me ideas.... :-)

Leave a comment on the fun and weird or annoying questions you've been asked lately..