Wednesday, 30 December 2009

newyear goodbyes

humm wow what a year, it litarally has been amazing and Im thanking all my friends and family for making it such a good year some highlights from the year that has passed:
  • waking up last new yeas day in a forest in wales
  • compleating my course at bath college
  • going to rome and seeing the amazing beautiful capital with my fam
  • moving back to brighton on valentines day
  • having a fantastic pride here in brighton
  • meeting raw geniuses
  • My birthday celebrations and craziness with the lovlie brummies
  • starting university- an amazing new chapter to my life
  • going to jamaica with my best friend reeta!! woo what a party
  • going to copenhagen and protesting, wanting to create lots more action in the newyear!
  • Havin a lovely christmas with family and friends

I am truley blessed in my life and am looking forward to another amazing year ahead, I'm planning to chill out allot more.. and hopefully not get as chaotic!! haha... wishing you all an amazing newyear, would love to find out what you all have been upto....

Love to all, Luke xxx


another year has gone and too much food devoured once again,
its been fun I must mention
bringing up to your attention....
to my life and what its made of,
jelly beans and excited merories,
friends have come and gone
but in my mind they will always remain
the things youve shared with me
youre heart and experiences
were left open
I will remember you
you will remember me
cuz friends are spiritual family

Moving out and moving in
running here and there
buying this and buying that
did I forget to give you that?
things I left unsai....
summer comes and goes
then quickly turns to fall
the seasons come and go
Its cold and Im
spending time with you

Happy newyear Love xx