Tuesday, 13 November 2012


No star wears a veil,
shine your light onto me
shine your light that is within you

They say you were born to be this way
that you're not like the others
why have you strayed?

From my own experience with what I say
Im here to stay
my literal body is the only thing holding me back

For forever
only til Im here
For now I am with you

Im sorry I can't be perfect
and sorry I can't be free
Im sorry for the thoughts that I can do no wrong

Is it always me and not you?
How can I blame your motives?
How can I blame your good intention?

I can do nothing but say 'I forgive you' to myself
Move on and towards you,
and say thankyou for a chance to learn

With me smiling
You shine your light on my shadows
say you'll stay with me through my faults