Monday, 11 November 2013

Living and working in London

As part of my Occupational Therapy Degree I was given the opportunity to live and work in London! So far it has been a success and I have managed to live here with virtually no qualms. Thanks to my friend Katy's lovely parents I have been able to live in Bexley and commute into my placement in Blackheath- which takes roughly 30 minutes!

Many people say that living in London is awful, but I think its great!! Maybe I am biased.. I don't know!

Some of the things I love about living in London so far are:

1- How many people there are! Think of all of those lives running around, and doing there thing- and all of those people just going at a generally steady pace.. London isn't all hustle and bustle there are sooo many different types of people and virtually everywhere you go you will find a different type! The weird thing is that virtually every area has its own different type of style for example- Blackheath is YUMMY MUMMY central, where as over the river you can find Shoreditch and Hoxton centre of the creative hub of London and HIPSTERS can be found everywhere! Now if you want to see the TOURISTS go to Covent Garden, and Camden attracts music lovers and the punks! There is no such thing as a typical Londoner people- there are many kindsa people here!

2- The amounts of events on- Its the centre of sociability! The only problem is getting around to seeing it all!! If anything there is too much.. Pace is the key here.. you can't see it all in one day. Art, Culture, Food, Drink you name it London probably does it!!

3- Transport- If there is one things that isolates us on the south coast that is the transport. Its pretty easy to get anywhere in the country and cheaply, as well as having a brilliant network to get around the city quite reasonably- thats if you are not catching the Tube every day- which thankfully I don't have to do at the moment!

4- The Green Spaces- As a nature lover it can seem like there is no space in a city- and MANY cities are drastically under planned when it comes to green spaces. London has an abundance of Green if you are willing to look for it. Bexley where I am living has some great spots that I have been running and walking in recently as well as Greenwich just up the road which is a great place for a stroll!

... I could go on! But the main thing for me is the choice you get here. People can be who they want to be- they say life welcomes allsorts. London has definitely an abundance of allsorts. Allsorts of people, things to do and places to go! It has also surprised me in not being too stressful- I think its just a matter of finding the right borough for you