Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tragic Poem

So currently Im sitting in a room looking out of a window at a Gorgeous view and thinking- WOW! This is my last week here in this home I have called home for the last 9 months! People living in Brighton are an odd bunch of people, we seem to come here running away from one thing or another, searching for ourselves (constantly) which is (constantly) changing from day to day... We are always on the move even in this city, our friends change, fitness reshemes, homes, clothes, and beliefs are always being shaken up, in fear that one day we might wake up and say- O I do wish I went to see that band/ ate more healthly/ lived in that side of town...
So thinking about this I wrote a poem.. Please let me know what you think.. Ciao xx
Its not that someone elsewhere that is unhappy,
Leaving me frightfully cool,
Happilly blissed out with my Ice cold Soya Latte,
Restoring the Balance
Everywhere has its thing,
We are all searching for the same in different ways,
look down to the humdrum, a meloncholic, "Thank God its not me"
Between the next yoga, and life modelling class, and detox juice fast,
Your unbound and boundless, when you can leave at anytime, without guilt and without a note to the ones who are left,
is this what we're left with?
Only a storage crate off Lewes road,
full of the things you have collected on this wacky ride
When everyone is popping out kids where will you be?
Searching the Friday ad for your next house share, and starting over?
Unintentional intentions keep your mind body and spirit in check,
and your chakras aligned for the next house party,
Change Sapping your energy,
The neverending rearrange of your friends you would have done anything for,
wish they would have/could have stuck around, like your mates back home,
The Humdrum you see doesnt make you too blue, Cus at least you have reliability to get you through