Monday, 29 June 2009

miniture garden

Hi fellow muggles!! Ive been making stuff again you'll be sorry to hear!! Ive made a miniture garden with my friend mel!! it was sooo much fun, I love doin shit like that..

deforestation in brazil where shoes come from

this is supporsed to be a video on the dforestation of brazils rainforest to make way for cattle- who supply us with trainers- quite shocking- but apparently allot of our shoes come form here!!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Well then my terrestial pals!! My life has can you say been once again to hectic at the moment, and being the solstice, what a nice time to reflect on this, its wierd how it always comes around so quickly!!
Niels birthday was bril!! had the brummie lot down, and we went on a big lemon bus to bodium castle, which was really cool, there was quite a few of us on the bus, and we had a lovely picnic, we ended the day in hastings, needless to say with more cider!! it was sooo funny, and chavy there!! I did really like it though strangely!
This week Ive been working at my friend kerrys school for a couple of days, helping out with arts week, which was really nice!! I was helping the little critters make carosel animals, it was really good fun!! I love doing things like that!!
Well Niels on holiday at the moment, and I have the masterful job of looking after the cats, and bbbboi they do not shut up!! they are never evr satisfied when it comes to their bellys!! Its really wierd him not being around though!! but Ive been keeping myself busy, next week Im goin to treck acrossthe newforest which is going to be amazing!!!! 3 days + camping!! Love it though!!! Its soo nice to be out in the country evn when you have your own body wiegt attatched to your back!!! ouch!!
Went upto Lewis road yesterday too, which was cool there is a guirilla garden in the old esso garage there, and they had a mini carnival, which was great!! community stuff is the way forward!! I felt so inspired that I went home and painted the skirting boards with flowers, and made a backing for the fire place that looks like fire tooo!! fun doing stuff like that!! I love my art!!
Anyway boys and gurls, tell me what you're up too too!! Id love to here... chow for now xx eden

Monday, 1 June 2009

eminem teabagd by bruno

this is the best
Finally a chance to chill relax unwind, I feel like I havnt sat down with nothing to do in sooo long- I forgot how nice it actually is. Ive been up and down the country over the bank holiday! Ive finally finished my compitition entry, been to gay pride, worked- lots and been to a japanese music festival ( for free I might add ) Im trying to get my duke of edinburghs award finished at the moment Ive been really busy, cuz I have to do so may things to get it done and finished!! all underneath a pink parasole with the sunshining through it, its good to wonder when it all gets too much how simple it could all be, but I like a challenge!!