Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Winters Bone

Its officially past my bed time.. but I can't sleep!! Im way too hyper, cuz just befor I went to bed I did the unthinkable and drank a sugarific drink.. and now Im on sugars floating candy cloud... ahhh! which of course will be ok, until I have to get up tommorrow. Ive had a good few days, and managed to calm down a few notches, to fit some "ME" time in... I did some yoga today which deffo chilled me out, Im hoping to start the gym soon, and commit to going and getting fit, and back in shape.

Yesterday me and Neil actually did get together... at last! It seems like we havnt really had any time together since Ive been back for one reason or another. We went to see Winters Bone!! Wow, that film was deep. Set in Missouri, its a story of girl and her determination to find her missing dad, in time before she and her family are kicked out of their home by the law. This film is beautiful.. now I dont care what Neil was saying about Missouri being like hell, I thought it looked amazing!! I actually would love to go!! all those woods and the lovely country music!! yeah.. ok Im being idealistic.. and I would probably be killed within the first day of being there ;-) This film though has loads of drug overtones, with village secrets, and the girls determination to feed her family is amazing. This isnt like a typical american film-- for those of you who liked "Precious" and enjoyed it I would say "go see it!!".

Tommorrow Im going to be helping out on the greenpeace stall which will be cool, and Ill also be doing more art aswell!! At some point Im also going to reinvent my blog also.. something Ive been meaning to do for a while.. I need a space for my art and for street art.. also I need to start writing it more.. sorry guys for being so inconsistent!! Hope you enjoy it anyway.. Leave a comment Below xxx thanx xxx

Friday, 24 September 2010

Scott pilgrim vs. the world

Hubba Hubba!!

Hello Hello! Hope youre all fine and dandy! Well Autumn definitely seems to be drawing in, its making me feel quite cosy, I love the need for jumpers around this time of year, and of course we need new clothes so a good excuse to reinvent yourself too. :) Yesterday was an amazing full moon and the start of the Harvest festival, also being a more preferred time to retreat to the local picture house to see SCOTT PILGRIM!!

Theres quite a few good films out at the moment, Winters Bone, Cyrus, and awaiting the new harry, but I wanted to go and see Scott Pilgrim for a while! The absolute geek god of film Micheal Cera, living with his gay best Friend and sharing the same bed- for me alone was deffo a thumbs up-haha. After watching Kick Ass Earlier this year, and being disappointed with it THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN!! I mean in my eyes any film with Nicolas cage in it sort of makes me frown.... and that hit girl was just too violent for its target market! This film, was an entirely entertaining flick for the mass market! I certainly couldn't find an fault in it. If you wanna laugh and see good looking people beat the hell out of each other.. this is the movie for you!

I'm off to London again today to see the Edvard Muybrige exhibit at the Tate, very exciting, this guy practically invented film. Ill also see one of my best friends who has just recently moved there! Theres also soo much going on in Brighton its not true, got events coming out of my ears! Ive booked tickets to see The Mystery Jets in October, going to Sheffield (setting of the film full monty) next Thursday too to party- it all systems go! I must find time to study I must find time to study! Anyway, Has anyone seen any good films lately? anything new to report? Thanks for reading will right soon,
Luke x

Friday, 17 September 2010

Cornwall, Cornwall O Cornish wool....

What a whirl wind of a week, just a few hours left and Ill be off now, all though I really am sorry to go. Since my last update Ive been whizzing up and down the Cornish coast, waving with my queen like wave out of the local buses. Ive been to Boscastle, where Ive explored the local crystal shops, and its witchy heritage, to Tintagel soaking up Historical King Arthur country, and somehow managing to buy 3 pairs of clothes for £4.50- bargain!! Ive been to Penzance probably the largest town around here, with a hugely interesting smuggling past, and of course the Jamaica Inn, the setting of a hugely famous book, also with a dark smuggling and piraty past... ARRR!!

Ive also been hugely inspired whilst being here, as the arts week is on at the moment, Ive had the chance to rub shoulders and really chat with the local artists, some of which are known internationally!! The open studios here in September, means you can really get a taste for what it is like for an artist down here. Imagine having a studio on the beach? with fantastic pubs, food and live music all around you? well this is there reality every day!!

I went to the st. Ives Tate gallery, which I thought was great, I saw Lily van de Stokker, huge childlike florescent murals spanned the walls of the gallery with swirly handwriting expressing, " we are all going to sleep in our pajamas", and " a nice new winter coat" truley cute. There was also the grid exhibit, where I saw a Jackson Pollock... wow, what an experience... seeing that thing blew me away. I'm also a majorly huge fan of Barbara Hepworth and went to the Museum and garden. Brilliant!! Some of the sculptures you can even walk on, and it was beautiful to have a Cornish pasty afterwards... Im so going to need a diet after this!!

A busy week for me and an equally busy week for controversy too...
The Expulsion of the Roma gypsies from Paris anyone? Increasingly marginalised in France, and infact the rest of Europe, droves of the Romany gypsies are being evicted from Paris, and denied help from the authorities. Despite defying EU regulations. Whilst it is a hugely complex issue, after visiting Berlin and seeing the damage dine the first time around, you think we would have learned a thing or two. It certainly does start to conjure up images of the Holocaust, and they certainly fared badly then too. Although people are stepping up about it.. namely the pope, who has problems of his own at the moment.

Closer to home, its the popes visit, and its all systems over here. After a Facebook (our modern god) campaign against the popes visit and spending of public money he arrived to protesters, who according to the daily mail were really only "Marginal". Which does make me laugh considering, most of my friends and the people I know think exactly the same thing, with several books on the subject of child abuse in the catholic church in bookshops.. I mean really.. and to top things off, the popes aide has dropped out his visit, after making a comment that sometimes visiting England was like visiting a third world country.. well that's simple, just don't come then.

Love to here from you all leave a comment... xxx

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Remember when I was perfect?
Not in this life or the last,
Even the one before that,
Before I was made a man,
Before stone and water made sand,
Lifes complexities it seems drag me down,
Somehow chip away at us all...eventually,
Squashed and wedged between an old ladies handbag
And a school satchel,
The real me,
Beneath this outershell you'll see,
Cuz I'm more than this,
And more than what's happened to me,
Beneath it all my soul still floats,
Through space just like it always has
And always ever will
Waiting like an ancient dinosaur bone
For you to dig me up

Monday, 13 September 2010

st. Ives

After a 9 hour trip I'm finally here in st. Ives. I'm here till Friday, when I go back to Brighton for a few days before I start my Uni again... its Lucky, my student loan has lasted the perfect amount of time... I'm just about out of money now.. and need more.

Ive been so busy in the last week. But as anyone who knows me well, I can never sit down long enough for dust to settle on my shoulders.

Since being back Ive hosted a English tea party for the Brighton couch surfing community, it was actually quite a success, most people came with something home made, lots of nice scones, salads, and of course good company.

Ive also managed to fit in some art of my own, its good to be back, I was really getting anxious to finish one piece of my work before I start college! I also went up to London and saw an amazing exhibit called Surreal house, at the Barbican art gallery check out the link below:

also worth a look is the slide show of pictures showing all the different pieces of art at the exhibit.

Highlights included seeing Salvador Dali paintings, Marcel Duchamp , Alberto Giacometti , René Magritte , Man Ray , and Joseph Cornell it really was a sight to behold. The exhibit was all about the home, and of course surrealism, we also got to see some kind of puppet/ shadow play from an artist who I thought was hilarious, as she spoke about her life, while also taking a mould of her vagina!! well, that's one way to shock an audience I suppose. I also thought it was brilliant how they included so much video and film into the exhibit! It truly was an inspiring event!!

I'm looking forward to going up to London soon though to see exhibits from both Muybridge, and Guguin, it seems there is soo much going on, almost too much to keep up with sometimes, living so close to London.

Anyway, I have a busy few days here, its the arts fair at the moment, so there is SO many people and artists here. I'm going to have loads of fun I can tell. But I will be sure to update you on my travels and things what Ive been doing,

ciao for now,
leave a comment if you like, be great to form a network of bloggers, and share blogs, I'm always looking for new things to read,


Wednesday, 8 September 2010


arghhh! Im so pissed at my self, as Ive just deleted all my pics from my holiday which is like the most annoying thing to happen to me write now, my stupid blackberry deleted all my numbers and the majority of my pics from holiday!! darn technology, BURN IT BURN IT ALLL!!!

Weellll end of Carrie moment!! currently I am baking cupcakes for a couch surfing meetup, and I have also made a trifile... which Im not sure I trust.. its lucking suspiciously lumpy... well.. I think with custard you really just need to buy it in a tin.. and not risk making it instant.. trust me lumpy burnt custard is a nono!!

Im also really looking forward to going away ( I know- again? you sigh ) but it was soo cheap and just befor I go back to college too!! (thats when the hard work starts.... Im going to st. Ives in Cornwall, and Im soo excited for it!! I think this holiday is going to rock!! xxpeace

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

growing old discracefully

Getting older... hummm... Well recently I have been struck with this idea.. my body's changing.. lets be honest I'm no old duck but I'm no spring chicken anymore either. 26 years of age this year, and man I'm starting to feel like an adult. My friends are growing up around me, popping out kids, and finding families of there own.

Hey its not like I mind getting older, the way I see it its kind of like starting a new chapter of a really cool book, I feel like the adventures just getting started. Allot of famous peoples lives finish at the age of 27, and many people see this as kind of something of a mile stone. I definitely see it as that its kind of like a time in my life when my life is kind of falling into place. Throughout my life, Ive constantly saw how life "should" be lived and tried to obtain it. Even in minority groups like being Gay you get the perfect gay lifestyle seemingly forced down your throat.

Getting older definitely isn't projected by the media as a good thing, in so many ancient cultures of the world it was, maybe we have lost that? I see getting older, as learning new things, taking new chances, and also slowing down abit, looking on how far you have come through life, and enjoying your life with the people around me.

We cant take anything with us right? so why not live it to the full. Age is a magical thing that people shouldn't fear, when you see each day as a new adventure. So I know personally I aim to slam down those stereotypes that are so often forces down our throat, how we should look etc. and grow old disgracefully :)

please leave a comment Id love to hear your views on the subject..
cheers, Luke x

Saturday, 4 September 2010

and Im back

Hey there!! Ive literally just got back had a bath and unpacked! Wow so brighton.. Im currently sitting just off st. James street with some drug/ alcholic shouting outside my window, its like, o welcome home luke!

almost 20 hours on a coach from Berlin has deffo worn me out, but Im sure after some home cooked grub curtosy of Neil Ill be feeling fighting fit in no time.

Wow so the news has anyone seen what happend to Tony Blair at a booksigning in Dublin? I wouldn't have been someone on the other side throwing my heels at him ;) although the war in Iraq and Afganistan was something that has deffo stired up alot of shit, he has done alot for this country and for the stability in Ireland, yes I would have been there protesting, as I compleately disagree with our motives for being there in the first place, and the danger we have put people in. Not including the facts that we didnt have evidence of Nuclear weapons.

After my trip through Europe, I have really seen the scars left by Humans, on peoples lives.. and the shit that people have been dragged threw, wow, I hope we have learned. Although I feel we have gone forward in many ways in some ways I think we actually want to stir things up for ourselves, it seems the world had alot to learn.

Discuss... Leave a comment xxx


Friday, 3 September 2010

on the road

Well here I am in Berlin about a week since my last post.. I know Im bad.. I need to be told.. It certainly hasnt been uneventful.

It absolutely rained without mercy in Lithuania, but it stop me going out with my shitty old shoes on.. why the hell I went traveling with shoes that were falling apart I will never know... and now I have a cold.. great! o well, I had a great time there, it was deffo one of the many highlights for me in my trip.

Although when I get there I couldnt find a room at like 6am so that wasnt too clever... I must book!! hahah! What an amang place it is good ol' Vilnius. Graffiti, loads of art, good food, parties. I kind of just explored the city myself, and got amazing views over the city.. mm soo cool. I also went out with some lovely couchsurfers and fellow travelers, they were all soo nice. I enjoyed some brilliant live music and a good many laughs!
The next day was rain again... and soo I we to a castle.. as yo do...
But it was well interesting though I wen to Trakai, a beautiful island castle on a equally beautiful lake. I spent a brilliant day there!

The next stop was Warsaw Poland, This is when this stupid cold started.
Some of you may know Warsaw was devestaed during ww2. I wasn really expecting much in the way of seeing much old stuff. However the old town looks great, they have reconstructed it, and it looks really nice. It was really interesting though hering the history of Warsaw though, what the warsaw people have been through, wow.. alot.. I was only there from 6.30am until 4pm soo I never really seen alot.. and I was exhausted,, but I figure what I saw was quite good, hey I was impressed. I must come back to poland though.

Then it was onto Berlin, I stayed at an absolutely amazing hostel, it really is brilliant, check out the Circus hostel if you get a chance to go to Berlin.

My first day here I had absolutely no clean clothes so it was washing and to change money etc. I went on a free tour of the Eastside of Germany, meeting lovely fellow travelers, seeing brilliant street art and taking it all in. Its truley why I came to Berlin, to see that, Ive taken soo many pics of the wall that I will and must get organised on my flicker account with as soon as I get back.

I also got the chance the next day to go to Potsdam for a trip out of the city. I saw a KGB prison, why have I came on holiday to see prisons again? The history and the things that the Soviet machine put people through though was truley brutal.

Potsdam itself was brilliant though, I had such a good time there, I saw a palace, eat really good Thai food. It was soo different to Berlin though. It I felt was alot more European and still retained that regal feeling with the huge palace! Honestly I thought I would be walking forever in that thing.

Yesterday I went to Check point charlie and seen The Kaiser wilhiem Church, Brandenburggate and the Jewish memorial... That was certainly a busy day... and my last full day infact soo I had to see it all right. The most amazing thing I saw was the Jewish memorial though. Row and row of square stones on uneven ground, with a museum doccumenting the lives of European Jews devestated by the 2nd world war.
Truley Im glad that its there becase it serves as a reminder to people that we cant go though that again.. how evil human beings can be.

Today I havnt done much other than feel like shit.. still got this stinkin cold..
but Ive had a great time here in Berlin...
Although I am quite excite to get back to Brighton...
Its really a place tocome fo those facinated in the history of Europe, a brilliant place with many faces.

What a fantastic trip, and now Im exhausted.. Ive done so mmuch and got soo much out of it. Now ts back to reality and to put what I have learned into action.

caio xxx