Sunday, 9 August 2009

latest nooose

mmm pride craziness!! well yes boys and girls allot has happened since I last happened upon this sight. I have indeed missed you all, but I have been far to busy being my usual ditsy bitch self!! Im going to work backwards as I have been ill for the last week (suspected swine flu) I havnt wanted to do anything- last night however will have to go down on record as THE most boring night of my life!! I can not understand why some boyfriends (no names mentioned you must note) would want to sit and watch tv for THE WHOLE NIGHT!!! I am (almost) better now apart for a coffing fit from hell!! which is actually quite agressive...
Pride was amazing I absolutely loved the mad and crazy antics that we got up too!! I will leave some things to the imagination.. me and emma had a fab night thou, drank lots of cheap cider, stood in the ran, got pushed over by a bouncer, and pissed in a bush, I would thourly reccomend it if your looking to degrade yourself as a human!!
and then there is my birthday... hummm I mean for a start it meant I changed my name to wendi house, and my image was circa to an austin powers set; if anyone watched the austin powers when he was in a club dancing, when one of doctor evils hench men dressed as a lady- a very bad hairy lady I might add, tried to attack him, you would kind of get the idea! Anyway the idea was to have a tea party a very crazy drunken tea party as it turned out- but it started out sooo inocently!!! I made lots of cakes- none as special as the ones people came with though!! a very good night was had by all though- I must say!
and I swear, I had the best night ever that saturday!! I stayed out till 7am the next day, with reeta darren and em!! it was tooo funny!! however after only 5 hours sleep I woke up and went to birmingham- what is actualy on my mind!! literally wheres my head at? Im on holiday next week sooo that will be nice Im going camping!! keeeping it reeeeeal!!!! yey!! any hoops, lots of love to all bbbyyyyyeeeeee