Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Life has a way of showing you theres a deeper purpose and someone is looking out for you.. after reading lovely bones, in which the father of the dead girl has a hobby of making ships in bottles, even after her death as a way of connecting to her... well I walk around the corner in leicter square yesterday.. and on the fourth plinth was a huge ship in a bottle... how random!! beautiful though!!
Had a great day too also got to see the portrait gallery which is having its annual portrait prize atm.. very lovely!! well Il leave you to enjoy!

Monday, 19 July 2010

mucho gusto!! Ive been soo busy!!

Well my tour is done, Ive been to Liverpool Birmingham and had the bestest birthday in Brighton... For those of you who haven't been to Liverpool, its on a river in the north of England. A rich cultural history, with boat making, the slave trade, the Beatles, the Tate gallery, and many more institutions in the art world, loads of sculptures, historic buildings, docks, nightlife to live for, shopping to die for, and that accent that comes out the mouth of the love 'em or hate 'em scousers... its no wonder it was voted capital of culture. Only about 3 hours via ferry to Dublin too, sooo it also has loads of Irish there as well.

I got there at 11pm, and our first point of call was actually an Irish bar on Matthew street, called Flanagan's.. the night was spectacular, and I had a great time, my lovely host Sandra was an absolute pleasure to be around too.

One of the big reasons I was up that way though was to see the Picasso, (possibly my favorite artist) peace and freedom exhibit. About Picasso's life as an activist, living in exile in France, during both world wars and during Communisms reign over eastern Europe. My hot hot host was the lovely Sandra. Who being from East Germany has lived through communism, something that Picasso thoroughly believed in. The paintings and the way the exhibit was put together was well worth a trip in its self. But the fact is Liverpool was well worth was worth the journey (6hours) in its own right. I loved its musical history and the art scene there was fab too!! I even got a fab traditional German/Englisher Sunday dinner too!! how lucky am I??

In brum I had the best barbie ever, and all my family came to visit, being a school night they tried to go to bed early but being my family stayed up way past their bedtime!! naughty!! we even had a chocolate fountain- omg!! sooo much food, if not too much.

Watched Inception too!! any thoughts? well I was baffeled by the end of it!! but I loved it anyway!! it took me until the next day to understand it (my brain is slow- I KNOW!!) The only thing that annoyed me was that fucking wife! if u canceled her out then it would have been fantastic! or maybe given Leos character more of a backbone!! I was just trying to follow all the dream sequences at the same time- funny business!! you think that he would not make the same mistake twice getting stuck in a dream

On Friday I also had a fantastic day and went on a steam railway in Brighton called the Bluebell railway, fantastic!! soo historical- its got some fantastic old vehicles on it! Neil paid for my birthday!! so that was quality!! and then went out with some friends to a bar called Casablanca and danced my socks off till two in the morning, to brilliant live jazz!! shame I had only four hours sleep... but hey.... humm if I was in inception, it would be a dream and I wouldn't need sleep!!

Well now I have only 3 days left till I'm in Finland!! omg!! its all happened soo fast and I'm soo excited!! Going to london tomo.. Ill try and keep in touch as much as poss... that's a promise! speak soon! ciao!! xx

leave a comment and I will kiss you xx

Saturday, 10 July 2010


I was reclaimed by the woods today you wouldnt believe
I lay down for a second and the ivy grew around my knees
mushrooms sprouted out of my mouth
a door mouse made my hat into a house
the roots and ivy wispered in my ears, " do not fret for we are here, we heard your crys and heed your call, you need not worry now any more"
Leaves and weeds spring from my hands
this most deffinetly not what I had planned
eventually I calmed down abit, and felt at peace and one with it
cuz lifes troubles passed me by
I was staring straight into natures eye
a peace Ive always felt deep inside
the forests deepest lullaby
so if youre passing by the old oak tree
look closer.... and you could see me


A-MAZE-ING: get lost in me, a black hole and your gone sinking into the abis you though you knew or was expected to know,
the river runs deep but its dry and your eyes cant be shielded from the hot-hot heat that fries all the sweet sweet on your forehead and speaks in tongues and lies, making you want to die and not breathe another day,
breathless and restless awaiting rescue

fuck up

Intricate combined with messy,
blue bubbles,
ever square inch its great
patches of colour
jokes poetry lines and patterns trees
cotton candy women with big eyes and sweet faces
mysterious dream like worlds and cantonese swirls
mischievious marks and works of art smells and textures combined to fuck your brain up

Guess whos back?

Hello partay people, a change of look you will notice? I was abit bored witht the old so I thought I bring in the new.. and its been so long.. how have you all been? Ive wanted to write but I just havnt felt inspired to write my blog, plus its sooo bloody georgeous outside... thought Id let you know the new title isnt bucuz Im a southern snob its becus Im a midlander and it IS different down south- its like a bloody different country in brighton for god sake!! ;-)

Not long either till I jet off to Finland (god help the fins-3weeks yesterday) so Im busy booking things for that and then Im off!! Im going to see the Piccasso exhibit in Liverpool too- Chuffed about that, and Ive just came back from Glasto- amazing- the best festival ever? stevie wonder was a legend! anyone going to any cool festies this summer??? I hope you see that Im not just ignoring you..Ive been a busy bee...but I have been missing the bloggin sphere!!

Ive also really been busy with art, and got lots running through the pipe lines currently, and been writting a little bit of poetry, and Im really hoping to get writing out in finland. That would be nice!! anyway, I hope to be writting more now Ill leave u with some poetry...