Saturday, 10 July 2010

Guess whos back?

Hello partay people, a change of look you will notice? I was abit bored witht the old so I thought I bring in the new.. and its been so long.. how have you all been? Ive wanted to write but I just havnt felt inspired to write my blog, plus its sooo bloody georgeous outside... thought Id let you know the new title isnt bucuz Im a southern snob its becus Im a midlander and it IS different down south- its like a bloody different country in brighton for god sake!! ;-)

Not long either till I jet off to Finland (god help the fins-3weeks yesterday) so Im busy booking things for that and then Im off!! Im going to see the Piccasso exhibit in Liverpool too- Chuffed about that, and Ive just came back from Glasto- amazing- the best festival ever? stevie wonder was a legend! anyone going to any cool festies this summer??? I hope you see that Im not just ignoring you..Ive been a busy bee...but I have been missing the bloggin sphere!!

Ive also really been busy with art, and got lots running through the pipe lines currently, and been writting a little bit of poetry, and Im really hoping to get writing out in finland. That would be nice!! anyway, I hope to be writting more now Ill leave u with some poetry...


  1. thought you'd fallen from the face of the earth...glad you're back! guess if i were making plans like jetting off to Finland, i wouldn't be screwing around with my blog either:) hope you have a great trip and good luck with your writing!

  2. no Im here, the world is round I see!! lol!! hows life were u are sarah? :)