Monday, 17 May 2010

This is Reasons for Optimism

Well hello... As I have been babbling on about lately, its the Brighton Festival!! (cheers, applauds) Theres so many events and sub "festivals" in May that its easy to feel a little over whelmed. This year was actually the first time I went to see ANYTHING in the main festival; with the guest director being Brain Eno, a great man, artist, musician and freethinker, I wanted to go along to an event with him and some other positives to find out on some of their Reasons for Optimism.

Living in a world were we are bombarded by so much depression and negativity everyday how on earth are we to stay positive? But everyday people make this choice. It was pointed out during this 1 1/2 hour long talk that we are only really seeing half a story, we are not or very rarely told the positive. I believe our optimism is all we have to get us out of the mess we have put our selves in.
On the stage there was Eno and 3 other guests speaking about different subjects, one a psychologist, one dealing in the Environment and one on Nuclear Arms. Each of these people is involved in positivity in the world, which I know that I am thoroughly inspired to know that people care enough to want to make a change.

Enos reasons for optimism is that we need to work through ALL our current situations together. Allot of people are scared by world government, myself included. But he concluded that we all need to come together if we are going to protect our lives here on earth for many more thousands of years. The issues he and the others on stage were so complex, Poverty, Climate change, Terrorism, Religion, Mental health. We can't really work alone on these issues, these are big issues...

I know some of you may laugh but personally I really do need to focus optimistically on the future, both for me and our future one the planet, we are fucked if we think otherwise, cuz like attracts like right? Its up to us to be the change we want to see in OUR world, the change starts with us.

The movement of people caring about the state of the planet and the state of the people on it is growing. I'm so happy and thankful to have good people around me in my life. I'm a pretty optimistic person so it never changed my views completely but I'm sure Team Eno changed a few opinions with their views on the subject. He definitely made me think more about the subject, and more ways I can impact posivily on the world too..

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