Friday, 31 July 2009

oooooo I absolutely looooovvvve this picture!! Ive been checkin out loadsa really cool crafty sights and its amazing the information out there in our world really!! you need tocheck all these amazing fab sights out- something to marval at reallly!! I am going to post all these websights to check out real soon!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

well hello boys and gurls, since my last blog, I havnt really had much to updat, apart from going on an amazing exhibition, which was sooo cool!! if you get a chance check out the welcome gallery in London, it has this amazing exhibition on art and mental helth, called mental health and me!! he pictures are just out of this world. Its about this female artist who was diagnosed with borderline multiple personality disorder, and shedicided to record it with pictures!! It was sooo good!!
On Monday night I went to manna- a raw food cafe in Brighton and the only raw food cafe in the uk!! there was a social night there which was really frickin cool!! I never got to see all of it due to me having to do the training at work and then walking there!! but we did see some amazing musicians there, which were really good!! and a harpist which to my astonishment had only been playing for a few months!! that was amazing huh!? Ive got my party top look forward to now, and am trying my hand at baking!! (o dear) if it all goes wrong I will buy the bloody cakes!! wish me luck!!

Friday, 3 July 2009

3times du-dududu-dududu!!

arghghghghgh¬¬ computers!! why is it when your really happy with something the computer deletes it for you!! this IS THE SECOND TIME I RIGHT THIS!! I have officially watched the film "anita and me" 3 times in a week!! Im turning into a child with thier favorite film!! I never do that!! but I do love it!! Ive just knitted my friend a prezzie!! the joys of the credit crunch ey? lol!! Im sooo old school!!
Niel is back too and we got to spend a lovely night together!! he was a day late!! but his flight was delayed by 22 hours-so Ill suppose Ill forgive him!!
My 3 day expidition was also a huge success! I walked 48km and have the worn heels to prove it!! we loved and... got lost!! and ended up celebrating in a carpark with ponys!! I hav decided to announce I am officailly a geek (and proud) I knit and enjoy walking!! but I dont even fit in that box- lol!! well its gay pride tommorrow and I dont know if I will be going!! I might just chill out in brighton and enjoy the sun!! naturally...