Saturday, 16 May 2009

Loving life!!
life is soo rich with so many different emotions feelings,
trascentental highs and dizzy lows, its what makes us human I suppose,
its great and fantastic that we have control of this!
we have control over feeling our own bliss,
I can choose whether to complain and frown
I can choose to let the world drag me down
But Im going to choose to beat a differnet drum
and Im going to drag up everyone
So Ill let my light shine into the world for now
then I know i would have made a difference somehow

Friday, 1 May 2009


whats a boy to do?????? been living back in brighton some time now, and experienced all the highs and lows of this lovely city and what it has to offer!! and it is a creazzy place!! and its may... where did that come about#@? what the fu'''''k!! and this month I will be absolutely spoilt for things to do with the festival!! the weather has been nice even though the weather reporters seem to want to make us think otherwise (where do they get off on that?)
Last weekend I did a lovely walk- which effectively crippeld me!! 25 miles accross ashdown forest in sussex!! that place is amazing!! and even more amazing to think after nearly 4years I havnt got off my arse and went down there!!! lol!! I am still feelin the reprocussions from it- for some crazy reason I did yoga on monday too!!!! lol!! Im a sucker for punishment!! I still have the real thing to do aswell- in june Ill be doing that 25 miles in one day- with a giant rucksack on my back- I better get trainin!!!
Happy May day everyone may the seeds you plant come to harvest for you, Love and peace x