20 Things to do b4 Im 30

I now have this list laminated in my room, Im actively trying to persue these things atm and really excited about ALL of them.

1- Go on a poetry course and start writing

2- Learn a language

3- Volunteer at an animal sanctuary

4- Study further after my course to become an Art Therapist

5- Go back to New york- Love to do this soon

6- Travel around America, taking in...

.The Grand Canyon

.The Mardi Gras in New Orleans

.See traditional blues in the Deep south
I now know how to do this trip!! and WHEN to do it!!

7-Tour Southern Africa and trek Kilimanjaro- been doing some reserch!! I want to go to Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda! and I reeeeally want to see the gorillas

8- Visit Australia and see my friends- I have an invite for next year- but who knows!!

9- Exhibit my work at a gallery- Pheonix Art Gallery showing my work for 100 artists for worlds aids day!

10- Buy a caravan and live in it- gotta love the off grid lifestyle

11- Make a film- This is one Im working on at the moment- watch out youtube!!

12- Go on an activist training course with Greenpeace emailed greenpeace to find out about next course

13- Own a dog- I want this to happen!!

14- Grow my own food- Possibility of a community garden project that I can be involved in!! Great stuff!!

15- Visit the Edinburgh fringe festival- I now have an invitation to go next year for free!!

16- See Finland in the snow, including the northern lights- Possibly this winter

17- Volunteer for the Samaritans- Got application form- but we'll see- Im such a puppy Ill prob be crying on the phone with them- not much help..

18- Visit Canada and see Natalie- Natalies coming to see me and spend time with me over christmas! Im thinking it would be perfect to do as a stop over with Australia!!

19- Visit Spain and visit my friends there- Been to Cordoba- what a funny experience! barcelona Jun 2011!!

20- Create a website for my art.- www.ltonks23.vpweb.co.uk